Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder, Automatic Grinder with 18 Presets for French Press, Drip Coffee, and Espresso, 18-Cup Capacity, Stainless Steel

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About this item BURR PLATES: Flat burr plates deliver a uniform grind size, for consistent coffee flavor every time. AUTOMATIC: The fully automatic system allows for convenient, hands-free grinding 18 GRIND PRESETS: Designed with 18 grind-size settings, from coarse to ultra-fine, to grind coffee for any desired brewing method, from French press to espresso 18-CUP CAPACITY: The 2-18 cup selector allows you to grind only what you need, for fresh coffee grounds every time BEAN HOPPER: The large bean hopper holds up to 8 oz. of coffee beans and removes for easy cleaning CLEANING BRUSH: Cleaning brush included for easy cleanup REMOVABLE GRIND CHAMBER: The dishwasher-safe grind chamber removes easily for effortless cleanup
AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF: Automatically shuts off when grinding is complete STAINLESS STEEL FINISH: Modern stainless steel finish complements any kitchen Show more


From the manufacturer

Freshly Ground Coff ee Beans for Great-Tasting CoffeeFreshly Ground Coff ee Beans for Great-Tasting Coffee

Key Features

• Flat burr plates

• Automatic, hands-free grinding

• 18 grind settings

• 18-cup capacity

• Large removable bean hopper

• Removable grinding chamber

• Cleaning brush

• Automatic shutoff

• Stainless steel finish

• Integrated cord storage

Freshly Ground Coffee Beans for Great-Tasting Coffee

Precision Burr Grinding

Flat burr plates deliver a uniform grind size, for consistent coffee flavor every time.

Fully Automatic

Enjoy convenient, hands-free grinding with the fully automatic system that dispenses and grinds to the desired consistency.

18 Grind Settings

Grind coffee for any desired brewing method, from French press to espresso. Choose from 18 grind-size settings, from coarse to ultra-fine.

Grind as Much—or as Little—as You Need

18-Cup Capacity18-Cup Capacity

Large Removable Bean HopperLarge Removable Bean Hopper

Removable Grind ChamberRemovable Grind Chamber

18-Cup Capacity

Grind only what you need, for fresh coffee grounds every time. The 2-18 cup selector allows you to customize the amount of grounds you want.

Large Removable Bean Hopper

The large bean hopper holds up to a 1/2 lb. of coffee beans, and is removable for easy cleaning.

Removable Grind Chamber

The grind chamber removes to make cleanup easier. Chamber is dishwasher-safe.

Stylish, Safe, and Convenient

Stylish Stainless SteelStylish Stainless Steel


Cleaning BrushCleaning Brush

Stylish Stainless Steel

The stainless steel finish is at once modern and classic, and easily complements any kitchen.


For safety, the grinder automatically shuts off when grinding is complete.

Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush is included for easy cleanup.



Stainless Steel


Mr. Coffee


Stainless Steel


New Version


8 Ounces

Package Dimensions

11.38 x 8.78 x 6.18 inches

Item Weight

3.69 pounds


Mr. Coffee



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#25,942 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #14 in Burr Coffee Grinders

Date First Available

March 22, 2021

10 отзывов на Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder, Automatic Grinder with 18 Presets for French Press, Drip Coffee, and Espresso, 18-Cup Capacity, Stainless Steel

  1. William Kimble

    Bought it as a replacement for the exact same grinder I thought stopped working, turns out it just needed a cleaning so now have a backup. It’s pretty loud when grinding but what grinder doesn’t make noise, as far as being airtight it isn’t the lid sits on the hopper, but if your grinding coffee daily theres no problem with the beans going stale. I do suggest cleaning the grinder between filling the hopper, especially if your grinding for expresso it is easy to clean theres a great video that demonstrates

  2. Just my opinion

    I recommend! Yes, it’s loud, it’s a grinder/burr, but not as loud as other ones.My old Mr. Coffee Burr after 7yrs of daily use gave out. I wanted the same make a model, after reading other makes/models reviews, and found it here. The best part it arrived the same day I placed the order. I did find the new Burr is NOT AS LOUD as my old one which is great when you have company over and they’re sleeping in.

  3. WJordan

    Love this coffee grinder. It is also a great price.Love all the settings and the size of the bean hopper is big.

  4. Donald R.

    The device itself performs as expected. A good machine at a fair price. But while cleaning it I quickly realized that that the plastics hopper and ground catcher are made from plastic and are rather fragile. So I started looking for replacement parts so I have the information handy down the road. Well to my surprise they are already obsolete and unavailable. Without those the device is rendered to paper weight status. Disappointing …

  5. K. Ryan

    So far so good after about a month of use!!! I actually really love this grinder and if it holds out for a few years, I will be very happy. I was surprised to find that I actually like it even better than my old Cuisinart, which was similar in design. Husband and I aren’t exactly coffee connoisseurs, we don’t do espresso and we only need it for drip, but we do love to buy the whole beans and grind at home. So I wouldn’t really know if it grinds fine enough or just perfect for people who are coffee perfectionists! However, this grinder does a better job than my old Cuisinart. It used to leave a few big chunks of beans, this one grinds perfectly, at least perfectly enough for me. I guess I really don’t care about what others are freaking out about if there is a little fine powder mixed in with course grounds. (So what?) My old Cuisinart cost about $15 more than this one and broke after just over a year. If this one works for at least a few years I will be thrilled.This grinder is extremely easy to use & I have zero mess…..which I really love! (Old Cuisinart used to spill some grounds behind the cup and had a little mess & spillage.) I love the little scoop that attaches to the lid of the cup. I don’t use it often since I grind exactly what I need, but love that when I do need it it’s right there attached and I don’t have to remember I have it and search for it in a drawer.We don’t make a full pot every day so the hopper holds enough beans for just over a week for us, which is really nice. Fill it up once and have one touch grinding all week. My husband likes the little blue light! haha…….the dial and light make it super fast and simple to change the amount you want to grind. We make bigger pots on the weekends.I love the one touch, no mess of this grinder. It looks nice on the counter and because there’s no mess it stays looking neat and clean all week. Another thing I love is that the hopper screws out to clean. (A feature my Cuisinart didn’t have so I could never really be sure it was clean down in the gears.)So quite a few reviewers are freaking out about the huge mess this makes all over their kitchen…..powder spewing…onto floors……?? I have no idea what they are doing or what they are talking about. I have a habit of taking out the bin with the grounds and lightly tapping it a couple of times on the counter to settle them. They pour out easily and no mess. As far as cleaning it, I just literally wash it once a week or so. How much mess can you possibly make by taking it to the sink and washing it?One small thing I did notice once when I did use the scoop. I ground enough for 8 cups, but when I used the scoop there were 10 scoops of grounds. It might be grinding a tad more than it’s set for? That’s ok…coffee is good, not too strong and I can always dial it down if I wanted.I looked and looked and looked at grinders. I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg. I was frustrated that all of these grinders had bad reviews, but there was no way I was going to pay $80 — $200 for a grinder. Love this grinder and the price was perfect. ($36) So if it doesn’t break on me I’ll be taking another look at Mr. Coffee products next time I need anything coffee related.

  6. Marc

    Works fine but is noisy, have to grind outside to keep from disturbing the dogs

  7. Kenny P.

    Well made, easy to clean, and well built! I highly recommend it!

  8. Sarah Lovelady

    Love the fact I can keep my coffee beans in the machine and grind them as I need them.

  9. Hi Powers

    thank you Amazon the first one sounded like a wood chipper and would not stop until it ground all beans in the hopper

  10. John Carlos

    I’ve been a whole-bean coffee drinker for 20 years now. I had a pair of Mr. Coffee products – a thermal drip coffee maker and a bean grinder. They both lasted over 10 years and performed their tasks admirably. Like a lifelong couple, once one died, the other followed in short order. So a couple months ago I had to purchase a new coffee maker and grinder.Going back to a Mr. Coffee product was a simple call for me. I spent under $100 ten years ago for two appliances I used daily. Need I say more?So the grinder ($30.99 when I purchased) —Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder with 18 Custom Grinds, Silver, BMH23-RB-1 only grinder I have owned was the type you throw in the beans and press the lid down to grind. This wonderful beast is much more sophisticated.Once you fine-tune the grind to your taste (and this could take four to six pots — and is the most crucial step) all you have to do is pour your can of coffee beans into the top container (it holds a standard 12 oz. can) and press one button. Wala! You have the makings of a good pot of coffee.The knocks:I add this part because of the other reviews you read.It’s loud as hell! But after a bit of adjustment, it now sounds like morning to me.And you need to be patient. I usually fill the coffee maker with water, pour out the pots remanence, and ready the new filter before it finishes grinding. But in the end, worth it.All and all. For the price, can’t do better. All thumbs up.The Coffee Maker ($53.37 when I purchased) —Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker System Not. Be. More. Happy.This machine produces the hottest coffee of any brewer I’ve ever tried. And its thermo pot holds the heat for hours. I’ve had steam come off when I poured a cup late in the evening from the morning brew.But what’s best is this dude is fast — something like four minutes brew time. What?For me, coffee is best served hot. This is hands-down, the best at delivering hot, well brewed, pot of coffee on the market. And from my past experience with this company, if this brewer last as long as the last (10 years), it machine will cost me less than 2 pennies a day. I’m way good with that.The knocks:In the reviews, I read that some knocked the beep when the coffee is done. What? It has a “your awesome pot of coffee is ready” kind of vibe. Loud enough. Not too long. Those posters seem silly.

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