Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino System, 40 ounces

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About this item 15-bar pump system uses powerful pressure to extract a dark, rich espresso brew Frothing arm makes creamy froth to top off your cappuccinos and lattes Make 2 single shots at once with dual-shot brewing. Watts: 1250 Thermal block heating system provides barista-speed brewing and heating. Cord length: 26 inches Removable, washable drip tray keeps brew space neat and tidy


From the manufacturer

Thermal Block Heating System provides barista-speed brewing and even heating.

Experience the Taste

Since 1970 the Mr. Coffee brand has been doing one thing and one thing only… brewing coffee. No one has served cup after delicious cup to more Americans than us! For us, bringing a rich coffee experience into your home is our top priority. Along with coffee makers, we are here to share everything coffee with you.

Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

For Espresso Enthusiasts

Mr. Coffee Espresso machines create authentic, bold espresso drinks. A thermal block heating system works to heat water fast and the 15-bar pump system brews rich, crème-topped espresso with impressive results. Choose a single or double shot porta-filter for serving size options. When a cappuccino or latte order is up, use the frother to quickly steam milk up to a creamy finish. Removable 40 oz. water reservoir makes filling easy. Includes tamping tool and recipes.

Prepare creamy espressos, delicious cappuccinos and café-like lattes at home

This espresso and cappuccino maker has single- and double-cup Portafilters to deliver perfect-tasting coffee every time. It comes with a tamping tool to even the layer of coffee grounds in the Portafilter.

Heating system and milk frother

It has the thermal block heating system that lets you heat the water instantly. This espresso maker has a frothing arm to steam the milk quickly. Its powerful milk frother nozzle creates a foamy layer.

Pressure pump system

This machine lets you prepare rich, creamy-topped espresso with its 15-bar pressure pump system. It has a removable vertical water reservoir for effortless refilling and cleaning. Its indicator light alerts you when the process is completed.

Steam Espresso And Cappuccino Maker

Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Pump Espresso Maker W/ Milk Frother
Great For Perfect starter espresso machine or a gift espresso machine Coffee House lovers and Coffee Connoisseurs Latte and Cappuccino lovers and Espresso Aficionados
Pressure Creates steam pressure of about 3 bars An electric pump creates about 15 or more bars of pressure An electric pump creates about 15 bars of pressure
Beverage Preparation Time Fast Faster Fastest
Taste Good Very Good Great — Achieve Coffee House Quality with true Crema
Water Tank Fixed Removable Removable
Milk Manual Steam Manual Steam Automatic Frothing with Removable Milk Tank
Tools Glass Carafe, Measuring Scoop/Tamper Measuring Scoop/Tamper; Filter for Single and Double Espresso Measuring Scoop/Tamper; Filter for Single and Double Espresso



Mr. Coffee


2.5 Pounds



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11.45 x 10.63 x 9.45 inches

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Espresso Machine


Stainless Steel

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Automatic Dual Shot

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Coffee maker

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1.21 pounds




110 Volts

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Mr. Coffee



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#588,259 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #92 in Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

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Date First Available

December 7, 2003


Mr. Coffee

10 отзывов на Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino System, 40 ounces

  1. M. Aquino

    I have always wanted to get my own espresso machine but always thought that you had to spend $500+ and anything less was a waste of money. I bought this one based on reviews from others and some blind faith and it has been a great investment.I am low level coffee connoisseur compared to a buddy of mine who knows A LOT about coffee roasting, origins, flavors etc. Ever since getting introduced to that I have become a bit of a coffee snob. That said, on to the machine.It may not feel very sturdy but I have had it for about 3+ months and it has proven to be a good machine so far. According to my coffee buddy this machine does produce really good crema since some cheap espresso might nor produce any or very little. It takes under a minute to pack the coffee sump , attach it back to the machine and serve it. The sump is a bit hard to put on and off but you don’t have to get the handle all the way forward. It just needs to turn enough to make a good seal. Noob tip,: clean the machine after each serving since coffee grounds can make it harder to turn the handle or get a good seal.Cleanup is pretty easy. You might have to give it a good whack to get the coffee puck to come out or you can just use a spoon and then wash it out. Once a week I will run water through the sump to give it a decent cleaning.On a side note, one reviewer said that the sump basket had a manufacturing defect because the holes did not go though all the way. I can see how this might be seen as a defect but it is perfectly fine. There are many holes in the sump filter but only one tiny hole at the bottom. You might think it won’t work but it works perfectly fine. The water is pumped through at 15 bars of pressure which is how espresso is made. It is not at all like drip coffee machines. I will attach some pics to give a better visual.The milk frother wand could be longer in my opinion. I got this pitcher here it works fine for my needs since I only make espressos, lattes and cappuccinos for myself most days and the occasional visitor.In all honesty now knowing how to froth milk properly was a bit of trial and error. I do recommend videos from Seven Miles Coffee Roasters to learn the basics of espresso and milk frothing. At the beginning most of my milk was really foamy and not in a good way. It was like soap suds with large bubbles. The milk barely made the whirlpool motion or not at all. After some practice is was closer to actual foam but still too many large bubbles and no whirlpool. It started making very large bubbles one day and this horrible loud screeching sound like a jet engine but was no longer frothing the milk at all. I thought the wand was broken. Steam pressure just did not seem quite right. Thinking there was some kind of blockage I put white vinegar in the water tank and set the machine to steam. Once I started steaming and was confident it had purged all the water from the machine and was full of vinegar I shut the machine power off. Don’t turn it off by the control knob or it will purge it all from the machine. I let it sit there overnight and in the morning I turned it on, set it on steam and submerged the wand in a cup of cold water. The water was a milky white after a couple of minutes of purging. I doubt this was the vinegar alone but after a few more minutes of steaming and then a few minutes of the espresso machine to make sure all the vinegar was cleaned out I used the wand again and it worked properly again!MILK FROTHING: REMOVE THE RUBBER WAND COVER! It’s just there to make keep people from burning themselves and trying to sue. I just see it as a potential bacteria trap if not cleaned properly every time.To froth the milk to a creamy consistency you have to use a pitcher that can hold 2-3 times the amount of milk you are using since it will expand that much during frothing. I put the pitcher with the milk in the freezer for a while to get the milk as cold as possible to give me the most time to froth it. When you put the wand in you only want the tip to be barely under the surface introduce air bubbles into the milk. You want to tip the pitcher at a slight angle so it makes the milk go around in a whirlpool. If you completely submerge it then you will hear that loud jet engine sound I mentioned earlier This is because there is no air in the milk and the steam being forced into it is causing cavitation ( google it, too long to explain ). After the milk has started to expand and is close to 1.5X to 2X it’s volume then you can submerge the whole wand.While many baristas or coffee connoisseurs can get all fancy and tell you to make sure th milk does not get above 65 degrees celsius I just go with the rule of keeping a finger under the pitcher until it is too hot to keep it there for more than a second. After a couple of months I can get the milk to that creamy, silky consistency I did not expect was possible with a $100 machine.I would highly recommend this machine. I dunno is the issue I had with the frothing wand was just a fluke or my own inexperience. The machine was completely sealed and did not look like it had been used so, QA oversight maybe?Despite that issue I would recommend this machine to someone who wants to learn to make their own espresso and lattes.

  2. Lady B

    IMPORTANT TWO YEAR UPDATE!!!! PLEASE READ!!!! YOUR MACHINE MAY NOT HAVE DIED!!!!! I DID THIS &FIXED IT!!!! CHECK YOUR INTERNAL FILTER! THIS IS NOT IN THE MANUAL! See Below! (Original One Year Review Follows, so skip this if you just want a review, but read it if you plan on buying it because it might save you a few years down the road!) It is a good machine for the price!I noticed into the second year that we started having problems with the coffee forming muddy sludge and not being able to tamp it the same as we used to. The espresso wasn’t as strong and we thought it was Starbucks grinding the espresso differently. We prefer Illy Brand or other brands, but Starbucks is close and can grind it fresh wo buying a burr grinder. Not my favorite, but does the job for everyday espresso. The machine would stop brewing and we would have to take out the filter & basket, clean it out and replace with new espresso very loosely in the basket. Not very happy about that because it wasn’t as strong and was wasting A LOT of espresso! Finally this morning it completely stopped working when I went to get my morning espresso!!!! OH NO!!!!! I tried cleaning it again internally with white vinegar, flushing it with water, but only the steam wand worked and water would only come out if the filter & basket weren’t attached. Sadly I thought the seal had died and that was why it would build enough pressure to even allow water to run through the empty filter. I read the manual and there were no. answers. I checked on Amazon and saw sadly that many had theirs die around 2 or 3 years and happily replaced it. I got mine one HUGE sale around Black Friday and really didn’t want to wait until next month. I honestly didn’t want a new one. SO I went back a few hours later and took a good look at it, deciding it was no longer under warranty and only useful as a milk frother so WHY NOT TAKE A LOOK! DO THIS PART AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! IT WORKED THOUGH! Take off the catch pan, water reservoir and unplug the machine and turn upside down to empty internal water over the sink. DO NOT PUT IN SINK!!!! Put down upside down on the counter on a towel. You will see in the middle of where you attach the filter and brew basket to the machine a BIG BLACK SCREW! Carefully unscrew the screw, as it’s plastic and can strip easily. carefully take it off and be aware there’s a spring directly under it that you MUST NOT LOSE! Now you’ve reached the round, silver INTERNAL FILTER! It is FACE DOWN with the bottom facing towards you (it looks just like the bottom of you filter baskets.) Carefully take it off and look at the side that was facing the machine (when you take it off and flip it over it will be slightly concave-this means you are looking at the top face of the filter.) THIS WAS MY PROBLEM!!!!!! MY INTERNAL FILTER WAS COMPLETELY CLOGGED ON THE TOP FACE (machine side) with espresso grounds forced backwards into it over time and there is NO WAY for them to come out when you clean it regularly as per the manual!!!!! I washed the internal filter and it cleaned easily. I also wiped out the inside with a damp towel gently until clean. I dried everything, replaced the filter front face down, put the screw in with the spring on the end and screwed it back in place. I flipped it over, put everything back together, filled the reservoir and plugged it in. Poof! I started it up and attached the empty filter with the basket and it WORKED!!!!! I ran about 16 shots worth of water through it until no residual grounds came out.Then I filled my double shot with the last of my espresso and attached it and WOW!!!! It was back to new!!!! It EVEN SMELLED like it did when brand new! I had forgotten over time! It had never lost the crema, but the crema was even better and the espresso darker and stronger like in the 1st year!!!! Now I wonder how many people threw theirs out after two or three years because this internal filter gets clogged and there’s no instructions how to clean it. Knock on Wood! I hope mine keeps going for much, much longer and I hope I’ve helped many others save their machine!!!!! Cheers! It REALLY is a good little machine for the price! I grew up and owned the professional ones and WAY more expensive home ones and no, it’s not that level, but it’s still good espresso. Buy the expensive machines if you want excellent perfection. Read the review below. I still stand by it. :)I bought this machine last year at the beginning of the holiday season as an early Yule/Christmas gift for my whole family. We’re still amazed how well it works a year later after daily use (often multiple times a day.)It comes with both single and double shot filters, but I’d prefer if it came with two double shot filters as we never use the single shot. I suggest hand washing the filters. It only takes a second.It comes with a plastic scoop with a plastic tamper on the other end. The scoop is fine, but buy yourself a stainless steel tamper as the plastic is the wrong weight and does not pack the shot properly (too loose.) There was a very reasonable double ended tamper I bought on here that works perfectly.I love that the tray is removeable! It not only makes cleaning easier, but if you want to make it in a mug instead of a demitasse cup for maximum room for foam and you don’t want to disturb the crema, remove the tray and just keep a kitchen towel right there for the small amount of water that comes out. After quickly wiping, slide the tray back in!The wand moves back and forth which is super convenient. After steaming milk (I prefer steaming half and half…super rich foam…but trickier to make) put the wand into a glass of clean water and quickly blow some steam through to clear the steaming wand of milk. Cleaning the wand while still warm is much easier.All in all, thrilled that we bought this espresso machine! It was $65, but it went on sale right after I ordered and Amazon adjusted the price! I definitely can’t complain about $45!!! Even better, Amazon conveniently carries the brands of flavored syrups (we love peppermint regular and sugar free), chocolate and some really great espresso from Italy, although we do get our daily espresso freshly ground at a local establishment for less.Mr. Coffee don’t ever stop making this machine! I even put it back in the box and brought it on our yearly trip to our cabin. Lol, of course that’s only possible if you’re driving. 🙂 Definitely worth it to have my espresso!!!And we named him «George» 🙂

  3. DigitalMT

    I purchased this unit about a week ago and I decided to write a review that targets a very specific audience.If you really enjoy Espresso, Cappuccino or even a Latte and you don’t like having to pay the high cost of purchasing them from your local coffee shop…AND if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in equipment…then this review was written for you.For the money…you will not find a better Espresso machine out there. This is by far the best value on the market as of today (12/2012).I started off with an Aeropress and a hand powered burr grinder from Kyocera that made a very very good substitute for Espresso. And my wife and I were very happy with that system. But we found that the time involved kept us from enjoying our morning Espresso as often as we would have liked and I ended up going out pretty often to a local shop when I felt the need.So I began reading reviews online, watching youtube videos and talking to folks to see what my options were. I was pretty pleased to find out that I did have an affordable option available to me..and so I took the plunge.From Amazon I purchased a Baratza Encore grinder ($130), Mr. Coffee ECMP50 ($80), and an Espresso Tamper. I already had an Aerolatte milk frother (Highly recommended).The combination of this equipment produces an outstanding result that is better than a lot of local shops in my area…and probably yours too! If you can afford to spend $250 then THIS is the way to go…and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in the result.Go out to a local coffee roaster and get a recommended Espresso blend whole bean (FRESH is BEST). Grind it in the Baratza Encore at the 9 setting for the Mr. Coffee ECMP50 and follow the directions to produce the Espresso. Pour milk into your coffee cup and get it hot in the microwave….then use the Aerolatte milk frother to almost double it in volume. Add your flavorings and sweetener as desired and then pour the Expresso into it to enjoy a WONDERFUL treat.Now think about it…if you just spend $4 per drink and buy just 2 per week (1 for you and 1 for your wife) you will spend $416 per year. With the system above you can produce two drinks EVERY DAY for less than $600 for the YEAR (INCLUDING THE COST OF COFFEE BEANS and MILK!) And even if you have to replace the Mr. Coffee every year….you still come out on top of the deal!So you get 7X the coffee at just a little bit more cost than going to a local shop for just 1 per week. How can you beat that deal?Having said all this I again HIGHLY RECOMMEND this system for those who can spend $250 on their equipment and who love Espresso/Cappuccino/Latte drinks. You will NOT be disappointed, I promise you. Life is too short to not enjoy a good Espresso/Cappuccino/Latte…and the economy is too bad to go to your local shop on a regular basis. So make the plunge now and give YOURSELF a present that you will enjoy for years to come.*** 1 Month update ****Everything is still going strong and I have had ZERO problems. The one thing that I now realize is that I should have taken into account the cost associated with cleaning the grinder and Espresso Maker. There are a few options that you can run through your grinder to clean the parts that are not designed to be easily removed for cleaning…but I have not chosen one for recommendation yet. Once I do, I will refactor the the costs shown above and amend them. The cost of cleaning the Espresso machine can be mitigated by using quality water and following the cleaning recommendations in the manual.I do not expect for the additional cost of cleaning to significantly reduce the value….but it is something that should be taken into consideration, as proper cleaning will increase the life span of your equipment and therefore reduce the cost per serving over the performance period.*** 10 Month update ***Well, we have been using this machine for almost a year now and it is going strong. I just cleaned it for the first time to get ready for the fall, when our latte drinking increases.I still highly recommend this machine if you are looking for something in the sub $300 range. Save your money for a good grinder and go with this machine. Quality ingredients, good water, and investing in a good grinder and you are all set to save big $$ while making drinks better than you can buy at Starbucks!**** 32 Month update ****This machine is still are big part of our family routine…and is going strong. I have heard of folks who have had issues with this machine, but can attest that mine is still working great. Again, maintenance is a big part of ensuring that the system operates trouble free. AND, using good quality water. It is easier to NOT gum up the machine, than to have to descale it constantly!While this has been a staple in my home, I am now making the plunge into a more expensive espresso maker. Having gone from prepping for 1 — 2 frequently during the week to 3 every single day, I feel that I can justify the expense of a step up machine that is designed to take that kind of production. But I will always remember this machine, like a first love, it go me though my initial exploration into the wonderful world of espresso. Thank You Mr. Coffee!

  4. E. Green

    There are so many informative reviews, like L. Hamilton’s, that I don’t need to rehash them. I bought mine for my girlfriend to use as I didn’t like coffee. Everything I tried from Starbucks tasted like acid. Along with the unit I ordered some well reviewed Lavazza Gusto espresso bricks. Within minutes I loved coffee (at least the coffee I make). I have since settled on Lavazza Rossa as my go-to blend. Pure arabica doesn’t work for me.Does mine leak? Yes. When I forget to empty the tray. Every time the frother is used the leftover water in the steam tank gets purged into the tray and I sometimes forget about this hidden water filling it up.Does my water tank leak? No. I could see that tank seal getting worn from constantly removing the tank. I fill it in place and only remove it for occasional cleaning. If yours is leaking due to wear, smear a dab of silicone plumbers grease around the inlet on the machine that the seal goes over to fill in scratches from use.Is there water under the unit? Occasionally from the steam purge as the tray spout is not air tight. I have sponges for that.Does it froth well? Yes. I took off the rubber tip and put it in the junk drawer as it’s another item to clean. I can easily froth whole milk, 2%, skim, half & half, and soy milk whether it’s chilled or not.Does super tamping help or really matter? Not that I can tell and over tamping puts strain on the pump. Unlike commercial machines, the included filter baskets force the coffee through a pinhole on the bottom of the filter to produce the crema. Heavy packing is not necessary or desirable. Firm is fine.The only addition I made was an aluminum tamper as coffee likes to stick to the included plastic one.Take reasonable care and keep it clean. Form a routine, including the Dance of the Buttons (stolen from another review) and all will be well.1. Check tank and add water as needed.2. Make your shots. Press steam button after last shot as it takes a bit to get ready.3. Do your frothing. Clean the frother immediately after the last batch as the milk will cook on the tip (if you have removed the rubber thingie) and the stem. If you let it go and the milk has hardened, grab a warm damp sponge and wrap it around the tip for a few seconds until the milk is soft and wipe the tip. There will be a whiteish ring on the tip where it meets the stem. That’s the rubber sealer for the tip so don’t scrub it off.4. Run the frother again in open air to clear out the nozzle and sterilize the frother.5. Rinse out the filter and handle.6. Run the brewer again without the handle in place for a few seconds to rinse off the brew screen.7. Empty and rinse the drip tray.8. Enjoy some fine coffee.Yeah, it’s a bit to go through each time you use the machine but the coffee is great and worth it to me for what I paid. Run some Lavazza Rossa, or any fine coffee, through it and you probably won’t drink another Starbucks, again.Tip: I like to make cold coffee and cappuccino and hate the grittiness if I have to add sugar. I make up a batch of simple sugar syrup and keep it in a squeeze bottle by the machine. Brew — squirt — froth — drink.My apologies if folks are offended by some of this but some people just don’t use common sense.Remember, this is a budget priced home 15 BAR machine that just happens to make great coffee. You’re not gonna get a Rolex for 80 bucks. Your gonna get a mass produced somewhat flimsy item and the occasional lemon. Get over it.This unit was bought last year and put to daily use without issue or regret.The only time I had to contact Mr. Coffee about a product, it was out of warranty and they treated me right.If mine breaks I will get another if nothing else is outstandingly better in this price range by then. If I come across any issues I can fix (I’m pretty good at it), I will post a solution.UPDATE 1/2/13: It’s been 11 months since I bought this and I regret to say that it’s still working fine and I’ll just have to find something else to gripe about.Here’s a couple of things I forgot to mention:During the occasional deep cleaning (like when you run espresso machine cleaner through the unit), remove the rubber divider from the brew head and clean under there as well. I use a chopstick to coax the 2 rubber nipples into the brew head and the divider comes out. Swipe some cooking oil onto the nipples to make putting it back in much easier. I’ll post a pic or two if I can.There is a «Stainless steel 2 cup incremental measuring cup, 1 pc» that I found here that works a treat as a frothing cup. It’s the perfect depth.Whew. All this writing — time for a cup of coffee.UPDATE 12/1/14 Another 11 months have gone by (what is it with 11?) and I am still using it without issue. It just keeps going.

  5. Peter

    EIDT. January 2013: I have now worn my first one of these out,or more accurately beat it to death. It was still working but I had gotten more out of it than I had ever hoped and it was time to retire it and buy another mostly due to operator abuse. I am on my second one for myself and I have given one as a present over a year ago which is still working well. I can’t imagine morning without it.**ORIGINAL REVIEW FROM 2009**I had one of those steam pots for making espresso for years. (See my review of the Capresso Mini.) The little steamer was still working fine but I had banged it up a bit over the years. I went in search of a replacement and came across this machine. I am not an espresso nut. For some people creating the perfect shot of espresso is reason to live in itself…not me. I just want a tasty cappuchino in the morning with the minimum of fuss. That is exactly what this machine delivers. The quality is a bit plastic-y…but what would you expect for the price? Even so it is attractive enough that I don’t mind it sitting on my kitchen counter. The foot print is a bit bigger than what I was used to with my Mini, but I do not think it is overly large when compared to other pump style espresso machines.Like many other reviewers I immediately removed the rubber tip from the frothing wand and stashed the single-brew porta filter in the back of the junk drawer. doubt I’ll ever use either one. The coffee it produces is very good. A real step up from the old steam pot. Steaming for the milk is adequate though hardly robust. Still I have never failed to get the steaming results I wanted, so no complaints. One thing I do like is that the machine can be ready to froth milk in a few seconds without ever having to brew espresso. There are times when I like to use frothed milk in various «Adult» winter beverages, and now it is easy for me to to whip them up anytime.As has been mentioned by other reviewers there is enough room beneith the portafilter (that’s «brew basket» to the uninitiated)to place a full sized mug…not that you would want to brew a mug full of espresso all at once, but so that you can directly brew your shot into what will be your final cup. That is the real convenience of this feature. The porta filter basket is a bit strange in that it has a double bottom to it. On the inside there is a layer with very fine holes to act as a filter as one would expect,….but turn the metal filter over and on the bottom there is only one single tiny hole. I believe that this may be a crema enhancing trick, but I am not sure about that. What I do know is that I have never seen another one like it. I also know that it causes a lot of constriction to the brewing of the coffee. Perhaps it is designed to make the dosing and tamping less critical in achieving a good cup of espresso? I do not have the answer, but so far it works, so I’m not complaining. If you buy this espresso maker you will also need to get a tamper. The plastic one that comes with the machine is pretty flimsy. I got this one: RSVP Terry’s Tamper Which fits properly and does the job just fine without a lot of expense or fanfare.If you are thinking about trying an espresso machine, but are not sure if a fancy one is worth the expense, this is a great choice.UPDATE: After 9 months I haven’t had a single issue with durability. I have discovered by trial and error that it is possible to over pack the filter basket (portafilter) and when that happens the pump struggles. But by now I have gotten my «dosing» down to a system and I always get excellent results. The leaking that other reviewers mention is caused because the pump purges into the drip tray when you are done brewing. If the drip tray isn’t emptied regularly, or if it isn’t seated in the base correctly it will leak water onto thte counter. The instructions tell you this. I have never had a leak problem with my unit.I love this machine! I wold buy another without hesitation if I had need of one, or I would give one as a gift with confidence. Good job, Mr. Coffee!

  6. Gabriel L Centeno Castro

    Great entry level espresso machine. Good for the pricing. It was used as a daily and sometimes even twice or more. The steamer/frother works amazingly well. A few thing though:1. The steamer stem is flimsy and hard to clean if not cleaned soon after it is used.2. Make sure you de-scale it frequently.3. Takes a bit time to warn up and to warm for steaming.4. Ignore the people complaning about the noise (is not that high)It lasted 3 years of abuse and it was a great machine. They do have a known failure on a fuse which will burn eventually. It is a $20 fix but I wasn’t willing to go through the labor of opening it up and fixing it. Ended up upgrading to a D’Longhi

  7. K Lyn

    I just got this machine today and was enjoying my first latte within an hour! I have never made one before, but read up on it (including some of these reviews) and had no problem pulling off my very first try! Not to mention, with the money we saved by not buying a pricier model (we were also considering the Cuisinart) we decided to buy a burr mill. I know things will only get better from here! I do recommend two things: as other reviewers have said, read the directions! That way when all the lights start blinking or its not working the way it should, you’ll know why! (like I did the first time I used it!) and take some time to read other reviews. They will give you good tips on how to make a good espresso, especially if you’ve never done it before! I also recommend buying from Amazon. I have read other reviews where they purchased the item from a local store so they would have the option of returning it, but Amazon is very good about returns. Besides, the prices are always lower, add on the super saver shipping, and in my case, there was no tax. So it saved me about […] and I had my machine in less than 7 days!Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your Sunday morning latte, or mocha, or whatever you want at home and not at some overcrowded, overpriced cafe.Update- It’s been a week and I’m in Latte heaven. Realizing how easy it is just peeves me more when I think of how much money I could have been saving all this time! Just one note. As an previous reviewer said, the steam quality does decrease over time, but if you gently pull off the steam wand tip, and clean all the gunk, it will be as good as new. In fact I think I will just do that on a daily basis to avoid having wrestle with it after a week. That ealier reviewer mentioned leaving the tip off all together, but I’m not ready to do that. We’ll see how it goes this way. I don’t forsee any problems.By the way, a great big THANK YOU to all you reviewers out there! You made all the difference with the way I shop online! Especially with this! I never make a purchase if the item does not have good reviews!Update- DO NOT TRY TO STEAM WITH WITHOUT RUBBER TIP! It doesn’t work! Just make sure to take off and clean often. Also, ivest in a good tamper. I just got the RSVP (for only […]) and it makes tamping much easier! Just be sure to pay attention to size. This Mr. Coffee takes a 2″ tamper! (or 49mm)This RSVP is perfect!Update- OK, so it’s been about 6 months and this machine has paid for itself many times over! I live in a warm climate, so this summer, I have replaced my usual morning latte with a nice cold iced latte, EVERY MORNING! Oh, I also figured that it costs me about $1 to make a latte hot or cold( and that’s using organic agave and organic soy milk). And my teenage daughter loves the iced latte too! I can’t even begin to guess how much money we have saved by skipping the expensive lattes and making our own! Even when we go out shopping we take our lattes from home to go, where we used to stop at the well known place and drop a $10 or a $20. Think of all the money we’ve saved!Update- It’s the end of November now, so I had this for over 10 monthe and it still works great! No problems at all! And I still use it at least once a day, but mostly twice a day and sometimes four or five! I would just say that how well it works will depend on how well you take care of it. I «blow» the steam wand at least every couple of days and decalcify at least once a month. In between I do run plain water through the brewer and brush off the screen where the water enter the filter. I think this extra effort is well worth it!

  8. TylerTyler

    If you are expecting to get the highest quality coffee experience, then keep looking. However, this machine is perfect if you accept it for what it is, a cheaper espresso machine that is made for easy use. It is super easy to get started and everything is easy to clean. It creates good enough coffee for home use that is about on par with Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and the like. However, it does not compare to the mom and pop coffee shops, but that should be expected at this price range. I really have been impressed with this machine. It does use the weird pressurized portafilter or whatever which is a con for some. However, this helps you with the brewing process as it doesn’t matter as much if your grind or pack are off. I have not had an issue with the handle being hard to insert and twist all the way in the machine either.One thing to note, the holes in the portafilter basket deal do not go all the way through by design. Some people have been mentioning in their review they keep getting faulty parts but that is just the way they are manufactured. It is very different coming from ones that have the holes all the way through, but rest assured it works just fine.Others have complained about the difficulty of removing the water tank to refill it as it degrades the seal over time. The solution to this is simple, don’t remove the water tank. The top lifts up and over and is still attached. It makes it very easy to just fill it up via filling up a cup and dumping it in. It actually is super convenient as I top it off every time I go to use it.Also, I did purchase an extended 3 year warranty (really just two years since the manufacturer covers the 1st year) for an additional $5 since quite a few mentioned that they had issues after a year.Another common complaint is that the machine vibrates and moves the cups around when it brews. This is due to the finish on the cover for the drain compartment. However, you have to stand at the machine anyways while it is brewing to shut off the flow once you have the desired amount in the cup. You might as well hold it while it fills. However, you can also just set the cup inside a rubber band or something tacky to keep it in place. It is frustrating that this is an issue, but really its an easy fix.One last note, the machine drains into the removable drip catcher after every time you use the steam function. It just about fills to the top with moderate use so be sure to empty it each time. Otherwise you will end up with it overflowing onto your counter. This is what I believe the other reviewers are complaining about. Also make sure it is aligned correctly when you put it back as the back left goes into the machine and is the point of contact for the water to drain out. If it is not aligned correctly it can leak as well.Overall, this is a great machine. It is cheap, easy to use, and creates decent enough results to satisfy my craving for a latte without having to go to a coffee shop. It also saves money in the long run. The pros by far outweigh the cons in my opinion and I’m sure you will love it too as long as you go into it with realistic expectations.I have added photos of the drip catcher with the cover on and off, where the drip catcher aligns in the machine, the water reservoir open, and the filters tops and bottoms.

  9. Michael

    Okay, this is my second version of this machine. When buying this machine, be sure to realize that after a year or more of repeated use, the pump may begin to lose pressure. This is normal. I work in a coffee shop and our professional $15,000 machines need to have the pump replaced every so often, and as this machine is so cheap, it’s easier to just buy an entirely new one every time. I keep telling myself this, but I’ve kept my old espresso maker with the bum pump at the back of my closet anyway, for a rainy day project.If you know how to do it, this espresso maker can make great lattes and cappuccinos. I’ve found that it takes about five minutes to get the temperature of the milk up to around 140 (how I like my lattes), so it does take a little bit of time, but it’s definately worth it. I have very hard water in my area, so I used bottled water to make my espresso: trust me, you’ll be wanting to spend a quarter on enough water to make a dozen lattes rather than drink nasty coffee! I also have a burr grinder that I use in conjunction with this espresso machine, and grinding the coffee fresh before each use gave me a marked improvement in flavor and crema quality.On a last note, this machine can get pretty nasty if you don’t know how to properly clean a pump action espresso machine after use. If you watch closely, after steaming, when you turn off the steam wand and remove the milk pitcher: that little droplet of foamed milk that hangs on the end of the wand will suck back into the machine as the steam is stopped and is instead directed out of the outtake tray. That means that the little blub of milk there just got suctioned into the metal steam wand: and it means you’ll want to grab a wet rag, wrap it around the steam wand, and blow empty steam for a few seconds as it’s cleared out. After that, the normal cleaning process (taking it all down, wiping it up) will suffice inbetween the «big cleanings» every couple of months. If you do this, your steam wand will work way more effectively and you won’t be losing pressure as quickly. It’ll also prevent some leakage that I’ve read in other comments.Anyway, to wrap this up, I’ve had this type of espresso machine for about two years now. The one I’m currently using is brand new, and the pump is a little workhorse and I’ve consistently gotten nothing but great shots from this machine when in like-new condition. There’s probably a 1 or 1 1/2 year lifetime on the machines I’ve used, given daily use (and I’m mean to my machines). I haven’t had a single leak in all that time, and I consistently get perfect shots and beautiful fluffy foam. This is probably one of my favorite purchases on Amazon, and as long as Mr. Coffee continues to make this machine I will continue to buy it.Ooh! And one last note: the box was just delivered as it would have been in a store. It wasn’t the brown Amazon box I have become accustomed to getting…it was as if I walked into a supermarket, bought this espresso maker, and then set it down in the highly visible box on my front porch and went to work that day. Thankfully, it wasn’t stolen when I got home!

  10. Amazon Customer

    While living in Italy last year I was denied my normal source of caffeine — Rockstar — and developed a love for cappuccinos. Upon returning home I wanted to continue that, just not at the 3x cost charged in the States.I want to point out one thing — THE FILTER DOES HAVE HOLES! IT IS NOT A DEFECTIVE PRODUCT! Many reviews have trashed this product because of the «lack of holes» and to be honest, I freaked out a bit as well when mine arrived, and freaked out more when I went back and read the reviews. Then I went and did a search and found out the holes are pinpricks in order to build up the pressure needed to brew espresso. It is not like the conventional way of brewing coffee as you know it, with the water pooling with the grounds and filtering down. Also, the filter is double walled at the base.Next, I’ve never been a coffee drinker up until this point, the occasional latte or mocha and that was it, and I’ve never been a barista. So, when steaming the milk the steamer shrieks! Which is probably the noise many have complained about. I lived with this ear piercing sound for months until, by accident, I found how to stop it. Simply bob the nozzle in and out of the milk when you first put it in and the frequency will level out. So simple and I can’t believe it took me so long to think about it let alone do it by accident.As with all things that cycle water buildup can occur and you will need to clean the machine. To avoid that I use distilled water so no mineral buildup (I also have high calcium water so this really is a must). The excess water from the brewing and steaming process means there is a dump water reservoir and if you aren’t paying attention, it will flood your counter (as I saw with some reviews and I believe this is why). This reservoir needs to be dumped about once a week. It is simple — pull the tray out, dump the water, put tray back.I’ve had this machine for 9 months and it has been great! No issues (once I figured out how this whole espresso brewing, milk steaming thing is supposed to go), and no problems with the machine. I have a great little machine that makes my mornings better! Highly recommend, just make sure you’ve read the above.

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