Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Black

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About this item Programmable timer allows you to set brew time up to 24 hours in Advance 2 Hour shut off automatically powers Coffee maker down so you don’t have to Water window on reservoir for accurate filling; 900 watts programmable Coffee maker Grab a cup auto Pause stops cycle if you need a cup before brewing is finished Includes 12 Cup, Dishwasher Safe Glass Carafe.Audible Ready Signal Lets You Know When Your Coffee Is Ready Programmable clock/timer allows you to easily set your coffeemaker up to 24 hours in advance to brew hot coffee at a specific time Brewing Pause n’ Serve feature lets you pour a cup of coffee while still brewing


From the manufacturer


Since 1970, the Mr. Coffee brand has been doing one thing and one thing only… brewing coffee. No one has served cup after delicious cup to more Americans than us!

It’s our thing. It’s what we do. For us, bringing a rich coffee experience into your home is our top priority.



Mr. Coffee


12 Ounces



Product Dimensions

10.5 x 9.8 x 13.7 inches

Special Feature


Coffee Maker Type

Moka Pot



Filter Type




Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Item Weight

4.55 pounds

Included Components

Coffee Machine, Carafe, Carafe Cover


900 watts

Model Name

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup

Number of Items


Package Type

Frustration-Free Packaging


Mr. Coffee



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Customer Reviews

/* * Fix for UDP-1061. Average customer reviews has a small extra line on hover * */ .noUnderline a:hover { text-decoration: none; } .cm-cr-review-stars-spacing-big { margin-top: 1px; } 4.4 out of 5 stars 12,824 ratings P.when('A', 'ready').execute(function(A) { A.declarative('acrLink-click-metrics', 'click', { "allowLinkDefault" : true }, function(event){ if(window.ue) { ue.count("acrLinkClickCount", (ue.count("acrLinkClickCount"), 0) + 1); } }); }); P.when('A', 'cf').execute(function(A) { A.declarative('acrStarsLink-click-metrics', 'click', { "allowLinkDefault" : true }, function(event){ if(window.ue) { ue.count("acrStarsLinkWithPopoverClickCount", (ue.count("acrStarsLinkWithPopoverClickCount"), 0) + 1); } }); }); 4.4 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#238,162 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #339 in Coffee Machines

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 1, 2011


Mr. Coffee

11 отзывов на Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Black

  1. monica

    I love this coffee pot it’s my favorite right now

  2. Annie McPhee

    I ended up just using the carafe with my old coffee maker. The cord was very short and to have the coffee pot next to the sink I needed 6 more inches of cord. So, I just used the glass carafe. For some reason the exact same brand now uses a shorter cord.

  3. Josh

    I can taste the amazing flavor to my coffee ?. Very easy to clean and easy to use. Great 12cup coffee maker ?

  4. Michael E.

    I had a similar coffee maker, same brand, but no timer or automatic shut off. After forgetting that I left it operating for several hours, I decided it was time to purchase the upgraded model.I have many other coffee makers in varying styles, but this one is the largest by volume. It is great when a high quantity of coffee drinking family visits. It is easy to use, rather easy to clean, timer function works excellent, brews a tasty four to twelve cups of coffee, and turns itself off after two hours. I know the automatic shut-off works because I left it turn purposefully to test.Regarding the cleaning aspect, the filter basket is not as simple to detach and attach as the basic model. The basic model swings open and lifts upwards. This model requires an angled entry to the top and then some precision work to get the bottom to align and enter the hinge guide. After a few practices, it will easier. If you have large hands, the top of the carafe may be a snug fit. Overall, the coffee maker is a great purchase at the price point, and I would purchase another one.My only wish would be a battery to preserve the time. It is not difficult to change the time if you remember how. I simply reference of the manual, and all is well.

  5. AmazonLindaAmazonLinda

    My old Mr. coffee was on its last leg after years of use and it was the basic one with no timer. So I found this one at great price and it had a timer. It had mostly great reviews but I saw a few complaining about how you can’t take off the part where you put the coffee filter and coffee so you can’t clean it. Well I don’t know if they didn’t read directions or are not mechanically inclined, but all you have to do is just lift up on it and twist and it comes right off to clean. Easy to put back on too. See picture below I took and you can see it unattached and in my hand. As others suggested I bought a separate basket filter for a reasonable price to place in tray and I also use paper filter. I get clean, ground free coffee every time. So yes if you don’t want to spend much and still have a great coffee experience, this one is for you.

  6. Emily Rose

    I love Mr. Coffee products, first of all. They’re always more affordable and have always lasted me for several years/uses. I purchased this new one after trying a Keurig (not my style), and a black and decker (simply based on reviews and name). The keurig was a gift that I ended up giving away because I just like a whole pot made at once and kept hot for me. It wasn’t my thing. The Black and Decker was $25 MORE than this Mr. Coffee, lasted 2 weeks, and I ended up giving it away because it didn’t keep my coffee hot for nearly as long and also, pieces fell off of it making it a pain in the butt to use. I don’t need a high maintenance coffee maker. I want something simple that does what I want. Mr. Coffee does that for me as long as it’s maintained with regular cleanings with vinegar (I have hard water) and just take care of it.So, if you’re looking for a reliable coffee maker, with timer, that keeps your coffee hot for hours, and you don’t want to break the bank for it; buy this! I love it and won’t use any other brand after my two mistakes.

  7. Kelly

    I don’t know how I made it through life before having a programmable coffee maker! I set this to brew when my alarm goes off, and by the time I am actually out of bed, there is hot coffee waiting for me. The trick is that you have to remember to set it up (add coffee and water) the night before. Programming the clock and the delay timer is as easy as setting the clock on your microwave. You will need to have a look at the manual to see which buttons to press, but it isn’t rocket science. Once you have set the delay timer, you don’t have to set it again unless you want coffee at a different time. For example, my delay timer is set to 6:30 am, and since I want coffee every day at 6:30, I don’t have to re-set the timer.The coffee maker itself is a typical Mr. Coffee no-frills machine, and so easy to use you won’t need the manual. The basket swings out to the left, you add your filter and grounds, and add water to the tank. To remove the filter basket, you have to jiggle it around a little bit to unhook the hinge. It’s not as smooth a process as I would like, and while it only takes a second, it has caused me a little frustration. That said, having fresh coffee ready for me when I wake up MORE than makes up for a little hassle! Oh, another great feature is that you can remove the carafe and pour a cup of coffee while it is still brewing and it won’t flow out onto the burner.

  8. Jim

    I’ve had a lot of these drip coffee makers. I’m fussy about my coffee and only drink one kind that I get at my local coffeemaker I am just too lazy to use anything else early in the morning to make coffee except a drip machine.So what is important to me is getting a clean brew process. Which means all I’m looking for is the boiling water to be efficiently poured over the grounds and then for that resulting coffee to filter into the carafe in a manner that maximizes the flavor from the grounds and does not contaminate the coffee with dirty elements of the coffee machine that might build up over time.This does that and costs $22 where I think you could pay $222 and basically get a drip coffee maker that looks fancier and is steel but is actually more difficult to clean.For a clean brew every time, I only need to rinse out the carafe, rinse off the top of the carafe and a rinse of the basket. I will note that this is made like a toy and these plastic parts could break easily. But I think that is true of all the newer ones they make and even the expensive ones. At least this one is cheap to replace should any of the parts break. (like the carafe is something I’ll fumble sometimes and $22 is not a terrible penalty to pay for that clumsiness. However, with gentle handling, the basket is very easy to remove and clean and the carafe too.

  9. A Savvy Shopper

    Makes a fine cup of coffee, better than the percolator I bought from Macy’s, it’s programmable for when you want to set the timer to come on whenever you want it (why waste electricity, it takes about 10 minutes to brew). Only quirk is, and it’s just a few weeks old, after it brews and is finished, it’s starts making strange sounds, like a spitting, popping, gurgling noise, then it stops, a little bizarre to hear your coffee pot fussing. Also, for easy clean-up, buy coffee filters from Amazon, please, don’t just put your grounds in the basket w/o a filter, you’ll end up with grounds in your cup, the coffee filter thingamajigiger, has two knobs that slides side ways, to thoroughly clean it, of course you have to scald it with soap, but not every day, to take it out, simply pull out the smaller knob on the bottom, then jiggle the larger knob at the top, very easy. I like it.

  10. Two black dogsTwo black dogs

    For those reviews that are complaining about removing the basket, here’s how:1. Pop up the cover for the water fill.2. Swing out the basket.3. Wrap your left hand around the front and side of the basket.4. Gently push up until the top part of the hinge pops up and the bottom part releases.5. Angle the bottom part to the left and gently pull down. Two hands help here.6. It should be out. Go dump the grounds and reinstall.To reinstall:1. Angle the top of the basket to the right.2. Fit in the top part of the hinge into the top hole.3. Straighten up the bottom part of the basket. ***Tip*** Practice the next part a few times while awake! Not at 7 AM when running out the door to work!4. Push the bottom part of the hinge down into the bottom hole. But you didn’t get it at first? Keep trying, it will line up! Don’t push the bottom too far back or too far to the right. Patience, grasshopper! This gets much easier with daily use.5. Swing the basket closed.6. Go brew a cup of coffee, you earned it!Rest of review: brews coffee, the carafe doesn’t drip coffee during pouring, the clock seems accurate, and the delay brew function works once the clock is set.

  11. Jocelynt

    Very informative and funny! For those curious to know more, check out: FIND OUT MORE. Let’s discuss!

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