Krups Simply Brew Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker 5 Cup 650 Watts Coffee Filter, Drip Free, Dishwasher Safe Pot, Compact Silver and Black

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About this item PERFECT FOR A SMALL FAMILY: 5 cups of brewing capacity is the perfect size for a family of 2, while maintaining a compact and modern style CONVENIENT FEATURES: Pause & Brew allows you to pour a cup of coffee mid-brew and automatically keeps your coffee warm after brewing SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: coffee pot with easy-pour, no-drip spout and simple On/Off button to start brewing and turn off the brewer MODERN DESIGN: Premium black & stainless steel finish fits with most decor EVERYTHING YOU NEED INCLUDED: Dishwasher safe glass coffee pot with drip free spout, a measuring spoon, and permanent, reusable coffee filter to reduce waste (Compatible with #2 paper coffee filter)


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Large opening for easy filling

The Simply Brew Coffee Maker features a large door opening for easy refilling and a deep water tank to make up to 5 cups of coffee

Water tank window

Visible water level window ensures you have the right water to coffee ratio for your desired taste

No paper filter required

Included permanent filter & measuring spoon allows you to pour your desired amount of fresh ground coffee directly into the unit saving you time and money.




Simple operation

The one-touch button on the side of the unit is so simple, whoever gets up first has no excuse to not make the coffee

Pause & Serve function

For those that can’t wait, the Simply Brew allows you to pour a cup (or 2) mid-brew without disturbing the brewing cycle

Keep Warm Function

Keeps your fresh brew warm for as long as you have it powered on





Size 5 cups 10 Cups 10 cups 14 fluid ounce
Brewing Dishwasher-safe glass coffee pot Dish washer safe glass coffee pot Dish washer safe glass coffee pot Travel To-Go Stainless Steel Tumbler with lid
Keep Warm Yes 1 Hr 2 Hr N/A
Shut Off On/Off Master Switch Automatic Automatic On/Off Master Switch
Set for Auto Brew N/A N/A 24 Hrs in advance NA
Digital Display Clock N/A N/A Yes — Touch Screen NA
One Touch Brew Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reusable Permanent Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Components Included Glass Carafe, Permanent Filter, Measuring Spoon Glass Carafe, Permanent Filter, Measuring Spoon Glass Carafe, Permanent Filter, Measuring Spoon Travel Tumbler, Permanent Filter





5 Cups



Product Dimensions

5.71"D x 8.07"W x 10.08"H

Special Feature

Cup Warmer

Coffee Maker Type

Drip Coffee Machine


Stainless Steel

Filter Type



Simply Brew

Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Item Weight

2.78 pounds

Included Components

Permanent Coffee Filter, Measuring Spoon


1500 watts

Model Name

Simply Brew

Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Unit Count

1.0 Count





Country of Origin


Item model number


Customer Reviews

/* * Fix for UDP-1061. Average customer reviews has a small extra line on hover * */ .noUnderline a:hover { text-decoration: none; } .cm-cr-review-stars-spacing-big { margin-top: 1px; } 4.3 out of 5 stars 15,270 ratings P.when('A', 'ready').execute(function(A) { A.declarative('acrLink-click-metrics', 'click', { "allowLinkDefault" : true }, function(event){ if(window.ue) { ue.count("acrLinkClickCount", (ue.count("acrLinkClickCount"), 0) + 1); } }); }); P.when('A', 'cf').execute(function(A) { A.declarative('acrStarsLink-click-metrics', 'click', { "allowLinkDefault" : true }, function(event){ if(window.ue) { ue.count("acrStarsLinkWithPopoverClickCount", (ue.count("acrStarsLinkWithPopoverClickCount"), 0) + 1); } }); }); 4.3 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#2,499 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #10 in Coffee Machines

Date First Available

August 28, 2019


Mr. Coffee

10 отзывов на Krups Simply Brew Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker 5 Cup 650 Watts Coffee Filter, Drip Free, Dishwasher Safe Pot, Compact Silver and Black

  1. Matthew W.

    I bought one of these about a year or so ago and used it almost daily until it one of my cats broke it during a kitchen remodel. I tried a couple other brands, but I’ve come right back to this one ?I need my caffeine fix and when paired with paper filters (or a different basket than what comes with) this is the perfect small-batch coffee maker.I use fresh ground beans and I swear it’s the best at-home coffee I’ve ever had from a machine, though as noted above I would swap out the grounds basket for either a paper filter or a different reusable basket as the flat plastic bottom holds the liquid longer than is good for the grounds and it comes out bitter. I swear, swapping the one that comes with will save you tons of bad coffee.To conclude: if you want a small coffee maker, buy this! Hands down the best machine I’ve ever had.

  2. Karen Starr

    This little coffee pot filled a need when my Keurig died suddenly. It makes two 12-ounce mugs of really good coffee. The coffee pot lid snaps off and on, so I can put it in the dishwasher. I read reviews complaining about difficulty filling the water chamber, especially trying to use the coffee pot to do so. I concurred with those complaints. I happened to have a funnel-spout measuring cup on hand and now, filling the chamber is easy-peasy. There are multiple sellers on Amazon for these funnel-spout gizmos. I use mine all the time for many other tasks as well. It will change how you feel about your little coffee maker!!

  3. Kim O

    I tried 3 different coffeemakers before settling on this one. I don’t use programming features. I like the ritual of making my coffee in the morning and then doing some planks while it brews! My priorities were: size, heat, and bold flavor. This checks all of the boxes! I like the look and size of the machine, and even though it doesn’t have a «bold» button to select, the coffee flavor comes out just as strong as the makers that do. I also tried the Cuisinart thermal coffeemaker at $129, and the coffee there did not stay any hotter any longer than it does with this Krups that I paid $54 for. The only 4 star rating I gave is for the cleaning. I cannot figure out how to remove the lid on the karafe.

  4. Troy Haliwell

    No bells or whistles, just simple coffee. That is all I wanted. This model performs exactly to my expectations. You fill the water, put in the Mileta filter (I DO!) and coffee, then snap the lid shut and press the button. In a few minutes, you have great tasting coffee.If you are a coffee snob, this is not the machine for you. But if you just want a great brewer without all the customization, this is the one for you.

  5. L. Kirby

    Two-year warranty doesn’t cover the carafe! The interior screw holding the handle on my carafe broke during the warranty period, but it turned out that the carafe is not covered in KRUPS warranty and the ASURION repair policy coverage I purchased doesn’t begin until the warranty expires. Caught between a rock & a hard place, WHY did I purchase this coffee maker again? It is easy to use and clean and it is reasonably priced. AMAZON has another recommendation for a similar coffee maker in this price range, but it doesn’t show a photo of the filter. I prefer the #4 paper filters to the «Reusable Filter» included in the box; I keep it «just in case» I can’t get the paper ones. I’m very happy with this purchase, but am not a coffee expert.

  6. AnnieAnnie

    This coffee maker is super cute and it is great for either small places or just for 1 or 2 people. I love the coffee maker in every way possible since I am the only one who uses it. So for me it is great in this sense. Also, I have a small place so it doesn’t take up much space. It comes with a filter which I don’t use, since I rather use the paper disposal one. It pours perfect for me and without spills. The only thing I don’t really like is that it does not have the automatic off switch. Other than this minor detail, I am happy with my little coffee maker from KRUPS 🙂

  7. clairvaux

    I had previously purchased this same coffee maker which brews 5 cups at a time, exactly! right for my household. It works simply and smoothly without the bells and whistles I was not looking for. After enjoying my Krups over the past year and a half it was time to purchase a second oneas a backup although I suspect my first one will still be faithfully brewing away for some time to come. A great buy indeed.

  8. 1Reddun1Reddun

    I’m not a coffee snob; I grind my coffee and switched to this 5 cup Krups instead of my one cup maker so I only need to make coffee every other day. It does what it is suppose to. It IS easy to fill. IT is easy to clean. IT makes good coffee. The filter is a bit thin than my HBeach maker but will see how long it lasts before buying other filters. Fits great under the counter and takes up less space than my one cup maker. Not a dealbreaker that it doesn’t have preset—I prefer using VERY cold water when making brew or an automatic shutoff.

  9. rimbaud

    An economical, stylish coffee maker. No frills (no automatic timer although the drip pauses if you grab a quick cup before the brewing is complete) until you have that first taste of what you bought it for. Simple to use; pour water in reservoir, add grounds to the mesh factory added filter, push the on button and in a few minutes your hot coffee is ready to be poured.One of many coffee makers we have and glad we added this one to the mix.

  10. Heather Kellogg

    I have always purchased these many function coffeemakers that I never used all the functions. I needed space in my counter so I downsized. This adorable little coffeemaker is perfect. It has just an on and off switch that I loved and the coffee taste way better than my $70 coffeemaker I tossed.

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