De’Longhi All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine + Advanced Adjustable Milk Frother for Cappuccino & Latte + Glass Coffee Pot 10-Cup, COM532M

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Features & Benefits




No waiting time with Dual Heating System

Allows you to brew coffee and espresso simultaneously.

Italian 15 BAR Pressure Pump

Experience authentic espressos brewed at the optimal pressure for rich flavor.

Manual Steam / Advanced Steam Wand

Treat yourself to both lattes and cappuccinos with the frothing wand. Create any milk-based espresso drink complete with rich and creamy foam.

Features & Benefits




24 Hour programmable timer and Digital Touchscreen

Enjoy intuitive and enhanced experience with Digital Touchscreen and wake up to freshly brewed coffee with the digital timer.

Bold Setting Functions

Customize your preference of flavor and aroma for a rich, yet smooth coffee experience.

Spill Proof Carafe

The innovative spill proof carafe allows you to pour your coffee with ease, so not a drop is wasted.





10 Cups

Product Dimensions

14.52 x 11.02 x 12.79 inches

Coffee Maker Type

Espresso Machine


Stainless Steel

Filter Type




Item Weight

13.67 pounds

Included Components

POD filter, Measuring scoop, Charcoal filter, Single coffee filter, Gold Tone permanent filter, Double coffee Filter, Descaler, De'Longhi All-In-One Combination Coffee and Espresso Machine, 10 cup carafe for drip coffee


1500 watts


120 Volts

Human Interface Input






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#75,819 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #17 in Espresso Machine & Coffeemaker Combos

Date First Available

September 10, 2020

11 отзывов на De’Longhi All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine + Advanced Adjustable Milk Frother for Cappuccino & Latte + Glass Coffee Pot 10-Cup, COM532M

  1. Christian

    I am so far, very happy to say I am very happy to have this new machine!1. Received it Feb 27th, 2023. Earlier than expected delivery date. Started using the morning of Feb 28th.2. It was not a repackaged used machine that slipped through the cracks like it appeared to have in so many of the recent comments!!!!! Thinking wherever those people are that got a repackaged used machine, must be serviced by an Amazon facility that has employees that don’t care!!! To them, if they read this, always let Amazon know!!!3. I drink MEDAGLIA D’ORO, which is Espresso Italian Roast ground coffee. For that, cannot use the screen filter that comes with the machine. Need to use the #4 filters which fit perfectly.4. Have not tried the Espresso side yet, but performing the initial setup per the instructions, everything worked beautifully and easily. There were no leaks.5. I place the machine on two layers of paper towels (4 sheets, folded in half) which fit the footprint of the machine almost perfectly. In other words, the footprint on the machine fits inside 2 sheets of Bounty paper towels.USING THE COFFFEE SIDE:One of the first things I noticed is the design of the Carafe. Either it needs an improved design, or the current design is to prevent any coffee grind sludge, that made it down from the drip, from pouring into your coffee cup/mug/tumbler. There is about a teaspoon or less, that cannot be poured out.I use the Bold enabled button and seems to work well for boosting the flavor of the coffee.The touch buttons are a nice touch… no brute force needed for turning any knobs or pressing actual buttons… fewer moving parts means fewer mechanical failures.I set the clock on the machine on Thursday, March 2nd, and today, March 4th, I noticed it was a minute behind already. Not a real bad thing, as it is easier to set the clock forward a few minutes due to it being slightly slow, than resetting the time back because it runs to fast.As for the filter and the reservoir for the coffee side, I wish the reservoir was removable like it is for the espresso side. Making it easier to clean than. And as for the filter, I’ll need to try and keep track of when that needs to be changed. Meaning have to set some reminder someplace «Check coffee reservoir filter to replace», gee… as if there aren’t enough other reminders in life to list and keep track of!!! LOLI have not changed the default time for the warmer to turn off, as I am turning off the machine after the coffee is done dripping.OH… something I didn’t see mentioned is… The machine has a BEEP (not loud) when done with the dripping. That is a nice touch if you are still in proximity to the machine. I like that as a reminder!!!That’s it for now… will update later if and when I remember to.

  2. A.V.

    I have waited to write a review because I wanted to use it for a few months first. I received this for Christmas, but I also picked this one out for my husband to get me. I read all the reviews about the leaking, noise, the length of time it takes and the frother. I also read all the great reviews. I decided out of all the machines out there, this one seemed to be the one that would most likely work in our kitchen and for our lattes.After using this machine for 3 months I can confirm it is noisy, but so are the ones at the coffee houses and it really does not bother me at all. If you are an earlier riser and you family will be annoyed with you for making your espresso or latte in the morning this may not be the right one for you. Does it leak. NO it does not leak. These people who say it leaks must be the laziest people on the planet. It will only leak if you do not remove water from the bottom where your cup sits. I also always dump the water after I am done making my coffee. It takes a while to warm up. If the light turns to a steady light before 5 mins it is not ready. For sure give it 5-10 mins to heat up. The frother works great if you heat up your cold milk first in the microwave just for a min. Otherwise it does take a little while. The foam is perfect. I bought a coffee grinder from XO and grinds the beans to the perfect espresso powder. The coffee tastes great. The coffee maker works great too. If you want a faster machine you will need to spend a $1000-$2000 for sure. I was not willing to do that since I still like to go to my local Starbucks.I am completely satisfied with this machine. My kids love it too.

  3. Anthony Gritsavage

    Bought this as a gift for my brother and sister-in-law 8 months ago. Finally had the chance to visit them last month for a week and use this (they have been using it every day since received). This is a great product that makes a GREAT cup of coffee. Easy to use. Easy to clean. I will definitely be looking to one of these when my current machine breaks.

  4. Teeter

    Machine setup pretty easy easy to operate. Both coffe and espresso tastes great. Have had a few weeks and no problems. I would buy again.

  5. PSutfin

    Got this for my wife as a Christmas gift as I very rarely drink coffee she drinks several cups a day. After setting this up and making the wife and our kids double expresso cappuccino I became a huge fan it’s so easy to operate and the taste is fantastic. I need to work on my steam frothing skills but it may just turn me into a coffee drinker for the first time in my 50+ years. I just ordered some medium roast ground coffee for the drip side ill update how well that side works. So far this make those little Keurig pod coffee taste like garbage in comparison. in fact I may buy a grinder and start making my own blends. Nice job Delonghi you converted a lifelong tea man.

  6. Edward EitingEdward Eiting

    I have been searching for an espresso machine for months. An all in one machine appealed to me because I didn’t want yet another appliance on the counter top taking up space. After reading reviews and checking features, this was the one. I like that I can set the coffee side to brew at a specified time. The other unit I was comparing didn’t do that. I like that I can brew drip coffee and make espresso at the same time. The other unit didn’t do this either.I have done a ton of research on making espresso, so none of the normal complaints from user error were an issue for me. My double shot iced latte this morning was so good! I’m optimistic that with proper care and cleaning, this unit will last. So far, I have no regrets.

  7. Robin p miller

    It came with good instructions and the family enjoys using it. We did have to buy a frothing cup separately and also a metal compactor as the plastic one that it came with is cheap but all in all this is a great unit for the money

  8. Gabe

    I decided to write this review several months after I purchased this machine simply because I am thankful that it exists and grateful to its creators. I purchased it because it was a combo drip & espresso. I figured I’d make my usual drip, and have an espresso every once in a while, but in truth I wasn’t holding my breath because all the espresso machines I’ve had in the past ended up in a cupboard never to be used.But was I wrong!!! I use this Delonghi machine religiously every single day to make myself a delicious Capuccino in the morning, and an espresso after lunch. I am an immigrant, and I truly missed the quality of European Coffee. This is the first time in 50 years that I am finally able to make myself a professional espresso and apparently, I am not the only one to think it’s good because friends and neighbors to who I served one now call me espresso Master lol !!!So I am not going to discuss bells and whistles of this coffee machine in details because, it all works fine, but in final analysis, all that really counts is how good, no.. GREAT your coffee is, and this machine truly delivers!Thank you Delonghi Family, you make me happy every single morning 🙂

  9. Patrick Streffacio

    I love this machine but I wish the pot was bigger and not glass. The pot is a 10 cup, 4oz per cup pot. Little small for a family. On the espresso side, the interchangeable cups get stuck in the machine and they are difficult to remove. The espresso grinds are also difficult to remove from the handle. When you bang the handle to remove the grinds, the interchangeable cups pop out but the grinds remain inside and they are a solid puck, which are difficult to remove. Hope this helps!

  10. Michelle

    Makes regular coffee espresso, cappuccino, you can also make lattes. Michelle Kraut

  11. Paulat

    I appreciate the humor in your analysis! For those interested, here’s more: FIND OUT MORE. What do you think?

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