GoldTone Reusable 4 Cup Basket Mr. Coffee Replacement Coffee Filter with Mesh Bottom — Mr. Coffee Permanent Coffee Filter for Mr. Coffee Maker and Brewer

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About this item FITS MOST MODELS — 2″ Tall x 3.5″ wide — GoldTone Basket-style Mr. Coffee coffee filter with Mesh bottom. Fits most Mr. Coffee 4 cup basket-style coffeemakers QUALITY — GoldTone reusable Coffee Filters are precision crafted using surgical grade stainless-steel woven mesh. These rigid plastic coffee filters are built to the highest standard CARE — This washable coffee filter cleans easily under running water. Dishwasher-safe ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY — Reusable golden-mesh coffee filter helps conserve natural resources and protect environment. FULL FLAVOR — Lets the coffee flavor through for richer tasting coffee


Product Description

Start the day off right with your perfect cup of coffee. Replace the need for paper filters by utilizing GoldTone reusable filters! Revamp your brew to upgrade coffee flavor. Unlike paper, our filters provide no loss of fragrant oils, no loss of taste, and no coffee grounds to ruin your fresh brew. Our non-absorbent filter lets the flavor through differently than expiring paper filters. It will leave you wondering why you did not switch before. Our GoldTone filters are crafted precisely with surgical grade stainless steel. GoldTone reusable filter is a must-have for every coffee lover, stay at home more and in the store less.

How many paper filters do you think you will buy in your lifetime?

Cost Benefits

  • GoldTone filters pay for itself in a matter of months.
  • Never buy a paper filter again, this best way to save money in the long run.
  • Having a permanent filter around will save you the aggravation of discovering you are out of paper filters while you are getting your day started.
  • By choosing a Reusable Coffee Filter, you can help reduce landfill waste, keep your wallet happy, save trees, and help the planet.

Mess Free

  • Make cleaning an absolute breeze.
  • No more fumbling around with paper basket filters that sometimes collapse in the basket, making a huge mess!
  • It’s totally smooth for easy washing inside and out.
  • Easy cleaning— grab the handle, pull out your GoldTone filter, dispose of grounds, and then rinse under the tap.
  • Our effective handle also folds down when not in use.
  • Our filters are dishwasher safe.

Improves Overall Taste

  • GoldTone filters lets the natural coffee bean oils seep through to provide a full coffee flavor enhancement.
  • You may wonder exactly what chemical residues are lurking in that paper as a by-product of the paper-making process.
  • Our stainless steel mesh filter allows greater flow for a more balanced brew.


Our GoldTone filters eliminate the need for paper filters. Save the planet by removing the waste paper filters make!

  • Coffee drinkers in the USA dispose of over 200 million paper coffee filters each day. That’s enough paper filters to fill a 19 story building. These paper filters end up in landfill sites.
  • Everyday it takes over 11,000 trees to make all of these paper filters. That’s 30,000 acres of forest per day.
  • The paper making industry uses toxic chlorine chemicals in its manufacturing process, not so with our filter.
  • With health in mind, GoldTone’s filters are BPA free.

GoldTone has been meeting the world’s filtration needs since 1992. We are the largest manufacturer of reusable coffee filters in the world. Our company ensures our reliable filters are made with quality material, let us assist you for your purification purposes. Here at GoldTone, we offer a valuable service based on over twenty years of professional experience and expertise.


Product Dimensions

3.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches

Item Weight

0.64 ounces





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#119,576 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #247 in Reusable Coffee Filters

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

February 9, 2018

10 отзывов на GoldTone Reusable 4 Cup Basket Mr. Coffee Replacement Coffee Filter with Mesh Bottom — Mr. Coffee Permanent Coffee Filter for Mr. Coffee Maker and Brewer

  1. Josh doane

    Works like it should

  2. Amazon Customer

    Great replacement!

  3. tre

    Fit coffee maker perfectly. Does require rinsing so probably what’s saved in buying paper filters goes down the drain in water. Do advise purchasers to rinse out in a separate bowl to throw the water out—- at least my plants get a daily watering now! Lol You don’t want to have unexpected plumber’s bills due to drain being clogged with coffee grounds.Otherwise a perfect solution to paoer filters!

  4. Taylor Foos

    Little tool

  5. Kw.edge

    So much easier than using paper filters.

  6. Kaptkaos

    JNow I’ll never run out of coffee filters again. I suggest using the medium to coarse grind settings. Fine ground beans will go though the metal mesh.

  7. Boyd

    Great tool to make doing coffee easy. Just empty and rinse the basket and you can make coffee without running out of those paper filters. I love it. But, I’ll admit using a paper filter is easy for dumping used grounds; but for me, I don’t have to buy, store, and find a filter to prepare my coffee.

  8. karolina germanavicius

    Was looking for a smaller filter for my Mr.Coffee… was a little hesitant on this product, but it is the PERFECT fit! Easy to clean! Coffee taste even better with this filter (than any one use)! 10/10 Recommend!

  9. Norma B Sizemore

    It fits my Mister Coffepot that holds 5 cups.

  10. mizticdragon

    no more paper taste love love these they fit great in a 5 cup coffeee pot maker

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