DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker with VacuPress™ Technology with Glass Carafe for 40 Ounces of Instant Fresh Cold Brew Coffee or Iced Tea

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About this item INSTANT: Cold brew your ground coffee or favorite loose-leaf teas in under 9 minutes. No more waiting over 12 hours for your favorite cold brew. BOLD: Make your coffee how you want it with three settings — mild, regular, and bold. Coffee at home how you like it. REUSABLE FILTER: No need to buy paper filters with the reusable filter and hopper for fast set-up and easy clean-up. FRESH: Homemade cold brew any time for a quick start to the day, or a refreshing afternoon drink. INCLUDES: DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker, Glass Carafe, and Recipe Guide.


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8"D x 7.5"W x 16"H

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Rapid Cold Brew Maker with VacuPress Technology

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#147,593 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #64 in Cold Brew Coffee Makers

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February 21, 2023

10 отзывов на DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker with VacuPress™ Technology with Glass Carafe for 40 Ounces of Instant Fresh Cold Brew Coffee or Iced Tea

  1. Halie NoelHalie Noel

    I was curious when I saw this as I think it is a new item and I love my egg cooker from DASH. I love cold brew since it’s easier for my stomach. I also need to have decaf coffee right now and it’s very hard to find decaf cold brew. I bought another brand’s cold brew maker and the way it made cold brew was almost like it blended water with coffee beans and the cold brew felt like it was muddy water and not real cold brew. No thanks.I’m OBSESSED with this one though. So easy, so fast, no heat (obviously)… it’s quieter than my coffee maker and my blender.Also, it’s so easy to clean. it’s pricier than others but worth it to get real cold brew. Highly recommend it.

  2. Thejaded1Thejaded1

    This is an updated version of the original rapid cold brew maker. It went from horizontal to vertical. It’s just as loud when it runs. It’s a vacuum pull of water, pressure forced thru the grounds over and over. The settings are timed longer than the original. The old were 5,10, and 15 mins whereas the new 8.2, 12, and 17 mins. The main improvement is the grounds sit atop of the machine instead of the side. The ports, after cleaning, face downwards to drip dry. The old constantly had water remaining in the tubes as you can see the underside photo. The cold brew is still amazing. I like this style of cold brew machine much more than those that spin a vortex as those are water flavored coffee. This really is cold brew from a store. The machine is quite a bit more money than it should cost IMHO. However, I don’t like waiting 24-48 hrs. If your cold brew costs $5 each time, 30 trips saved will break even.

  3. LizLiz

    I like cold brew year round and this may be my favorite method/machine yet! It’s so easy to assemble, use and clean. In about 15 minutes I was impressed with how rich and bold the brew was, with no grounds like others I’ve tried. I liked the iced maple vanilla oat latte recipe in the manual also. It looks great on my kitchen counter. It’s lightweight and stable with the base suction cups. It makes a little noise but much less than I expected (& less than my Nespresso machine).

  4. RMD

    i’m not really one for patience, so the whole overnight thing for cold brew kind of annoys me. this however — it’s ready within less than 15 minutes. it does create a bit of noise — it’s the worst and again, it’s less than 15 minutes. it’s great though — it’s just the brewing process and it’s ready. i think it’s important to realize it’s creating a concentrate. this will become obvious once you see how much coffee you add vs the amount of coffee you get. i think it’s important to spend a little time realizing how concentrated it is by starting with a small pour once it’s brewed, taste it, then try adding a bit of water till you find your right balance. what i really love is the book it comes with it — you get the instructions, of course but also a load of fun recipes to try with your cold brew. i am really looking forward to trying a few of them. the one thing i will add — i would remove the top brew piece before taking out the carafe — there will be a bit of drain, and that’s coffee you will want to capture. i am happy with it — to have cold brew ready in such a short amount of time — awesome. just again — realize you really are creating a pretty strong brew — i say this as i am pretty sure i am going to be awake for a couple days after maybe not diluting it enough.

  5. Chris Jensen

    The media could not be loaded.  I love iced coffee and can drink it almost every day of the year, but it’s not the cheapest to buy pre-made. I’ve experimented with other home brewing methods, like cold brew, but have always been frustrated with the time it takes to brew it and the acidity of the end product. I was hoping that the process used with this machine would be faster and less acidic, which proved to be the case on the first. While extremely fast, it still resulted in an acidic coffee, but in all fairness, that could be a result of the beans I’m using or the strength I’m brewing at. I absolutely LOVE how fast and simple the brew process is and that you can simply customize the strength of the coffee. It is loud — not terribly — but enough that you don’t want to use this when the rest of your house in sleeping. Clean up was a breeze. It does take a significant amount of ground coffee, but I find that to be the same with any cold brew recipe. I did experiment with running the grounds through twice. If your’e not a coffee purist, it works and allows the grounds to go further. I haven’t tested this with tea, but would imagine it would take more tea leafs than would be worth it…All in all, I recommend this for someone who likes cold brew and drinks it frequently enough to make a pitcher at a time.

  6. Lily Johnson

    I love this thing and the quality is amazing!

  7. Jessica E

    If you like cold brew this machine works really well and produces a great strong brew and the bean flavorsCome thru very well. It is fast but a little loud. But who cares when you can have a great cold brew!

  8. DocMartinDocMartin

    We love our iced coffee in this house, and this handy device makes it much easier. It will definitely up your coffee game. It makes iced coffee in considerably less time, and the coffee was fresh and not at all acidy or bitter. In about 10 min., you can enjoy a tasty iced coffee without having to dilute hot coffee with too much ice. This machine is relatively quiet as well. Clean-up is straightforward and fast. Highly recommend, this coffee maker has been used almost daily since it arrived. I hope that this helps.

  9. Vikki Turpin

    I was so excited when this came in. I have tried making my own cold brew coffee by using cheesecloth from something I read on Pinterest. So much work and it was awful.This cold brew maker looks amazing right out the box, now when you are putting it together it says to listen for the click. There has to be absolutely no noise whatsoever to hear it, and it’s not really a «CLICK» move like a quick blow of airThere is a booklet that has recipes also, so just follow instructions and just like that you’ll be on your way to enjoying cold brew coffeeVery happy with this item and recommend itWould also make a great gift

  10. Brady Stamper

    This is extremely high quality, I love the ability to make cold brew at home rather than buying it for $7 a bottle at the grocery store or $5 at Starbucks. The taste definitely depends on the coffee you choose but that is the norm. I think this is such a fun idea for anyone who likes to drink cold coffee rather than hot. Great little contraption!!

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