Amaste Drip Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine with 25 Oz Glass Coffee Pot, Retro Style Coffee Maker with Reusable Coffee Filter & Three Brewing Modes, 30minute-Warm-Keeping, Matcha Green

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About this item THIS IS DEFINITELY AN ESSENTIAL ART PIECE FOR YOUR DELICATE LIFE. AMASTE Retro Style Coffee Machine with Glass coffee pot with classy design, it can perfectly ornament your kitchen, living room and office.This Coffee Maker enables you to enjoy your favorite kinds of coffee such as cappuccinos and lattes. Also, the drip coffee machine don’t hog too much space with the size of 6.3»*7.8»*10.8», so you are able to carry it to any place. SAVOR THE BEST QUALITY: Our premium quality coffee maker will brew you a rich, delicious, fresh coffee to you. Adjusting the strength what you want will make you unforgettable whether it is Mild, Medium or Strong. This coffee machine comes with a spray head to distribute the water more evenly into your grounds to increase smoothness of the brew while retaining the taste of the fresh bean. YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND A FORTUNE TO MAKE AN EXCELLENT CUP OF COFFEE AT HOME. This drip machine with a reusable coffee filter, it means you don’t have to worry about constantly buying paper ones.The Anti-drip design and visible water gauge allow for the coffee to seamlessly flow into the pot without any mess.What’s more, the slim and easy-to-use drip coffee maker requires just the push of a button, and the filter is easily removed and lifted from the chassis for easy cleanup. WHEN IT COMES TO COFFEE MAKER THAT FUNCTION AS NICELY AS THEY LOOK, IT’S HARD TO BEAT AMASTE. Our drip maker will keep your freshly brewed coffee warm for 30 minutes to preserve flavor after brewing. At the same time, If it’s not used for over 30 minutes, the coffee maker will shut down automatically to aviod over heating. Also,To help you determine how much coffee to use, the glass carafe and water tank are level marked. WE WANT TO PROVIDE THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT AND SERVICE TO EVERYONS. Full essentials — spoon and user’s manu. All of our products qualify for 1 year warranty. Don’t wait for great drip coffee maker. Got it here!


From the brand





1.6 Pounds


Matcha Green

Product Dimensions

6.3"D x 7.8"W x 10.8"H

Special Feature


Coffee Maker Type

Drip Coffee Machine



Filter Type




Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Item Weight

1.56 pounds




120 Volts

Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging



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Item model number

CM 1003AE

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#24,725 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #79 in Coffee Machines

Date First Available

June 1, 2020

10 отзывов на Amaste Drip Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine with 25 Oz Glass Coffee Pot, Retro Style Coffee Maker with Reusable Coffee Filter & Three Brewing Modes, 30minute-Warm-Keeping, Matcha Green

  1. Kasey Chreene

    Overall happy with this coffee pot. Great flavor! But small. Great for single person but barely makes 2good full cups of coffee. My husband and I fight over it because our coffee mugs are too big but it’s fun. Great little brewer. Happy with it!

  2. Grimmit

    I switched away from the Kuerig after finding out that they don’t regulate BPAs in the pod plastic. I didn’t realize how weak I’ve been settling for. Back to a real coffee maker and the flavor is back!

  3. Renee B.

    This is the perfect coffee maker for me. The pot is big enough for two mugs of coffee, which I helps me limit my intake. It looks great in person, and I love that it came with a reusable filter and a little scoop. One possible downside for some users may be that the coffee isn’t super hot when it comes out, but I actually like it this way because it’s the perfect drinking temperature for me.

  4. Sana & Ryan P.

    I have a small kitchen and I’m the only coffee drinker, so I wanted a small coffee maker. I’m usually a French press user, but was getting tired of washing it daily so I gave this a try. Thanks to the strong setting on this the coffee is just as rich as from my French press and the look of it is just adorable. So happy!

  5. PJ

    Very nice coffee maker for one person, to small for husband but not for me I love it.

  6. Amazon Customer

    — While I’m not much of a coffee drinker, I do enjoy a brewed cup when I indulge myself. The color is VERY attractive & immediately gets attention. CUDOS to Amaste for presenting a necessary utensil with such style & class ! ! !


    The Amaste coffee maker is a piece of art! I’d like to see it offered in teal or royal blue instead of the apricot orange. The heavy power cord with its 3-prong plug came as a surprise — apparently, there’s some serious electronics at work, there. I also liked the free-swiveling filter basket. The only thing I didn’t like was the carafe’s «open», short handle — it should be an inch LONGER, for us more ham-handed individuals, even if it does hang over the base. It’s performance is great!

  8. Amazn shopper

    Finding a small coffee pot that’s also is lefthanded friendly is surprisingly difficult, this one is the first one I’ve found that’s not over $100 dollars, I haven’t tried the more expensive machines because this one is easy to use for lefties and righthanders. The adjustable brew strength is a lovely feature and I’ve found myself actually using less ground beans and still having a nicely flavored coffee without tasting acidic, over or worst yet under brewed. The fine mesh filter is extremely handy and easy to clean, along with the rest of the machine, the auto off feature isn’t adjustable and is reliable at 30 minutes, if there is waiting coffee in the carafe it stays warm for about a half hour after the Auto-Off. The carafe has a tube that the brew drips down, at first I thought was useless then learned it helps mix the coffee so the bottom of the pot isn’t the strongest while the top weaker. The two buttons that you need to start the coffee to brew, the main power button on the stand base under the carafe and then the Brew button that located front and center with the brew strength options, I’ve forgotten to hit this button more then once, this makes for an extra cranky impatient morning. The brew button does fade in an out while brewing so you can stand and watch impatiently while the heavenly nectar of the gods tease you, the light stays lite when brewing is done. Filling is easy with the lid opens to the back and you can fill the water on the left or right side of the basket and lid hinge (this is where the lefty access is, many small makers have the lid hinge on the left so your non-dominant hand is needed to spill water and grounds everywhere). The only issue I’ve come across is, if your like me and inpatient at filling your cup or the machine with water the carafe does dribble, the strong setting takes over 10 minutes to brew, as mentioned I’m inpatient and even though it makes a delightfully good cup of coffee I have issues waiting the full time. I’ve knocked off one star on ‘Easy to Use’ only because of the dribbling carafe.

  9. Tucker

    I’ve tried them all — regualar coffee making and fell for the «pod» system and paid over $200 for a brand hame (no, not Kuerig). And, threw it away after it stopped working after a couple months.

  10. Michael Cal

    Just as advertised, and true to the great reviews i read prior to purchase — this has no fancy bells or whistles, lest you consider the «strength» dial to be fancy/shmancy. the brewed coffee (i used the middle setting) was hot and crisp and flavorful — the spray nozzle really helps accentuate the inherent characteristics of the diverse varietals i brewed — the residency the different settings afford, via pulse immersion (or lack thereof for the milder setting), was distinctly noticeable. sure, other brewers feature this method, but for one this economic and stylish, well … let’s just say it more than exceeds expectations in those regards. one thing i am not a fan of is cleaning brew basket filters, but i’ll get over that. also note that the included carafe is very small, as is the entire unit — i filled the carafe (or pot, in the modern parlance) up to the highest watermark, and put in four heaping scoops of ground coffee — this filled my 16oz mug up perfectly, not a drop was wasted, so no issue for me with the 30 minute warming window before it shut itself off (a feature i love, btw … a failsafe, if you will). by the time i was ready for my secind cup, it had cooled down, and was good to fire up another fresh brew — i’m the only coffee drinker in the house, so it’s perfect for my one-off mugs in the morning … but be advised that if there are gonna be a pair sharing the coffee, you’ll need to trim to 8ozs per.Definite bang for the stylish buck here, fits perfectly in my retro/art-deco themed EIK, and the quality of the brewed coffee is absolutely top-notch … highly recommended!

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