Mr Coffee Alternatives: 5 Great Options For Coffee Lovers

The best coffee maker might not be the most important thing you’ll ever buy, but we reckon it’s definitely towards the top of the list: sometimes we imagine life without one and it’s just too scary to contemplate. Instant coffee may deliver that instant coffee hit, but the best coffee machines don’t just make hot […]

Mr Coffee vs Keurig: Which One Is The Best?

Overview of Keurig Keurig is the king of single-serve coffee brewing machines, known as the original coffee pod maker. The Keurig machines were instantly popular, which made coffee bean companies reach out for deals to make their coffee into K-Cup pods. Although the market became saturated with competitive single-serve makers and coffee pods, Keurig is still […]

The Best Mr Coffee Recipes: 10 Delicious Ideas

Step 1: Add Water Fill your tumbler with water (room temp is fine). Simply open the lid, remove the top compartment, and pour water directly into the base of the coffee maker. There is a little step that shows what height the water should reach, and above it is the max fill line. The included […]

5 Gadgets Every Mr Coffee Lover Needs

A few years ago, my husband took me into my office on Christmas morning and pointed at my bookshelves, and said, “you can’t be The Espresso Edition HQ without an espresso machine!” He let me pick out whichever espresso machine I wanted, and when I tell you this was the best gift he ever got for me, […]

How To Clean Your Coffee Maker The Easy Way

Delicious coffee at home is a wonderful thing. But for your daily cups to taste great, you absolutely need a clean coffee maker—it makes a big difference, whether you’ve got a single-cup coffee maker or a larger one. For starters, after every use you should clean the coffee carafe, clean out your reusable coffee filter […]