Overview of Keurig

Keurig is the king of single-serve coffee brewing machines, known as the original coffee pod maker. The Keurig machines were instantly popular, which made coffee bean companies reach out for deals to make their coffee into K-Cup pods. Although the market became saturated with competitive single-serve makers and coffee pods, Keurig is still an incredibly popular brand. The company has also dabbled in the tea industry, with hundreds of herbal and classic tea pods available to enjoy.

Keurig’s K-Cups can be found virtually anywhere, and nearly every coffee and tea company have a K-Cup available, so new customers switching to the Keurig can still have their favorite brew. Their machines are also just as available and range from inexpensive models to pricier, feature-heavy options. They also have a model that can brew a full pot of coffee, but their specialty reminds firmly in the coffee pod business.

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