Step 1: Add Water

Fill your tumbler with water (room temp is fine). Simply open the lid, remove the top compartment, and pour water directly into the base of the coffee maker. There is a little step that shows what height the water should reach, and above it is the max fill line. The included tumbler is great because you can get the perfect amount of water every time!

Step 2: Coffee Grounds + Ice

Put the compartment back on the coffee machine and put the reusable filter directly in the top. Adding another filter is optional, but I like to use a paper filter like THESE when I make coffee. Fill the included measuring scoop and pour coffee grounds directly into the filter. Close the lid.

Next, fill your tumbler with ice to the marked “ice” line.

Step 3: Make the Coffee!

Plug in the coffee maker. Slide the tab from right to left to go from drip-stop to open. Then press and hold the “power” button for a few seconds. The line should light up and, in a few seconds, the coffee maker should start to make noise and brew your iced coffee! It takes less that 3 minutes!

Step 4: Finishing Up

When your tumbler is full and the coffee maker has finished dripping, slide the tab from left to right to move back to drip-stop. The power will automatically turn off, and you can unplug your coffee maker.

I love how simple cleanup us with the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker! Open the lid and discard the coffee grounds (Careful – they may be hot). Rinse the reusable filter and place it back the top compartment so it’s ready next time you make coffee

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