Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Auto Pause, 10 Cups, Stainless Steel

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Mr. CoffeeMr. Coffee

Brew a Bolder Cup of Coffee with the Touch of a Button

Optimal Brew

Brew coffee hotter and faster with Optimal Brew. It provides the fullest, richest flavor extraction-and a great tasting cup of coffee every time-with its high brew temperature of 205 degrees F and 20% faster brew speed.*

*compared to BVMC-SJX39

Thermal Carafe

The double-walled, thermal, stainless steel carafe keeps coffee hot for hours.

Strong Brew Selector

Prefer a bolder flavor? It’s easy to make a stronger cup of coffee with the Strong Brew selector.

Key Features

  • Powered by Optimal Brew for full flavor extraction
  • Double-walled thermal carafe
  • Strong Brew selector
  • Programmable Brew Now and Brew Later presets
  • Grab-a-Cup Auto Pause
  • Freshness Timer
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Water filtration system & automatic clean cycle

Enjoy a Great Cup of Coffee at the Perfect Time for You




Brew Later

The Brew Later feature lets you set the coffee maker ahead of time, and wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

Auto Pause

Grab-a-Cup Auto Pause lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing is done.

Freshness Timer

The freshness timer monitors how long it has been since the coffee was brewed.



Mr. Coffee


10 Cups


Black/Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

8.7"D x 13.11"W x 14.33"H

Special Feature

Programmable,Thermal,Water Filter,Permanent Filter,Timer,Removable Tank,Auto Clean Function,Jug


Stainless Steel

Filter Type


Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Item Weight

5.1 pounds

Included Components

Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker, Removable Water Reservoir And Filter Basket


1300 watts


110 Volts

Model Name

Optimal Brew

Number of Items


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Unit Count

1.0 Count


Mr. Coffee



Item model number


Customer Reviews

/* * Fix for UDP-1061. Average customer reviews has a small extra line on hover * */ .noUnderline a:hover { text-decoration: none; } .cm-cr-review-stars-spacing-big { margin-top: 1px; } 4.2 out of 5 stars 12,688 ratings P.when('A', 'ready').execute(function(A) { A.declarative('acrLink-click-metrics', 'click', { "allowLinkDefault" : true }, function(event){ if(window.ue) { ue.count("acrLinkClickCount", (ue.count("acrLinkClickCount"), 0) + 1); } }); }); P.when('A', 'cf').execute(function(A) { A.declarative('acrStarsLink-click-metrics', 'click', { "allowLinkDefault" : true }, function(event){ if(window.ue) { ue.count("acrStarsLinkWithPopoverClickCount", (ue.count("acrStarsLinkWithPopoverClickCount"), 0) + 1); } }); }); 4.2 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#41,995 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #106 in Coffee Machines

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 1, 2010


Mr. Coffee

10 отзывов на Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Machine with Auto Pause, 10 Cups, Stainless Steel

  1. Demetrius Ginez-Sims

    This is the best coffee pot I have owned. I saw reviews saying coffee wasn’t warm, and another saying coffee was like dirty water as it didn’t brew correctly, I call BS on these reviews. I’ve bought 4 of these (3 as gifts) no issues at all. This coffee is brewed HOT, and stays hot at least 4 hours, I haven’t ever had any coffee left after 4 hours so i can’t attest to any longer than 4 hours. Since the coffee pot doesn’t sit or heat from a burner, it never tastes burnt which makes for the worst coffee ever. This coffee maker heats the coffee during brew, and the insulated steel pot keep it HOT. It uses regular paper filter or a reusable filter, I prefer paper for a better taste and less clean up, simply throw the filter away. It also comes with a water filter, not sure this has any benefit, I’ve never had a coffee pot with a water filter, but its there so I use it, but its not required for it to work.Another review mentioned it feeling cheap I disagree! The bottom where the actual pot sits is plastic, as it has no burner. It is simply like a guide to make sure the pot is in the correct position to be filled with brewed coffee.The one thing that I experienced as user error on 2 occasions is not emptying the stairs less steel pot of all old coffee before setting up and brewing a new pot, which led to pot overflow. This happened because I failed to empty the pot of old coffee as the pot isn’t see through, I didn’t know there was coffee still in it. So now I just fully empty it after my last cup of the day.If you are on the fence, give it a try! And if its Prime, free returns, so no regrets. Lol

  2. TechChick

    I really like this coffeemaker. It makes good coffee and has a nice thermal carafe, so I never end up with burnt coffee or worry about accidentally leaving coffeemaker burner on and unattended. I initially purchased this model in 2017. It worked flawlessly until just a few weeks ago. After some troubleshooting, I decided to replace it. I was very happy to see the same model was still available. This enabled me to retain my original insulated carafe to easily brew two pots back-to- back when having a several guests.I noticed some other reviewers complain that their coffee is not hot enough. This should not be a problem if you follow my husband’s advice below:**HOT COFFEE TIP: Always preheat the carafe by briefly filling it with hottest tap water and then dumping out the water prior to placing the carafe in the coffee maker. The hot water preheats the carafe’s interior and prevents the beverage cooling down as it comes into contact with a cold carafe. (This tip also works great for keeping beverages and soups hot in any thermos or metal insulated cup)**

  3. Tacothetown

    This coffee maker works great and if you want a nice 10 cup coffee maker with a thermal carafe I recommend it. I’ve had it for a little over 2 months.Now, the details, for those of you who are at work, avoiding a nauseating project at the moment, and your IT department hasn’t yet blocked Amazon:First of all I should say that I have an overriding frustration with devices designed by engineers who feel the need to add lots of bells and whistles rather than concentrating on sound, basic products that are designed to last. Ya feel me? Along those lines, I would like to mention that someone decided to build a timer into this thing that tells you how long it has been since the coffee was brewed. I can’t tell you how useless this feature is for me since I’m the one who brews the coffee 90% of the time in my household and moreover I am and adult who is aware of the passage of time. (Apparently there are some people who actually aren’t. One of them is a champion long distance runner. Who knew? I heard about it on a Ted Talk.) And even if I wasn’t aware of the passage of time, I do happen to live in a house that has clocks — one of which is conveniently located on the coffee maker itself! So there is really not a way that I am not going to know that it has been awhile since the coffee was brewed. And, since this coffee maker has a thermal carafe and therefore the coffee is not on a burner getting stewed down to burnt tasting oblivion (which of course like the rest of you is why I got the one with the thermal carafe in the first place), I am not too concerned about how long it has been since the coffee was brewed. It’s not like I’m gonna go to pour another cup of coffee, look at the timer, and exclaim to myself, «Well, crap! I was about to pour another cup of coffee but it has been 90 minutes since my coffee was brewed and that is just too long! If it had been only 60 minutes we’d be ok but 90 minutes? No way! Down the drain it goes!» Now….if the timer showed increments of hours or days, then it would be useful; I could bust out my coffee maker flow chart and make a decision whether it was time to head to the microwave, or brew another pot. So consider that, Engineer.BUT…if the timer display alone isn’t sufficient, the machine also beeps loudly when that timer has run out — just an added safety measure I suppose. At least I assume that is what the beep is for. I have never actually run over to the coffee pot when it beeps to see if that is the case, I just know it happens. And I refuse to refer to the manual on this issue when I have many, many more important things to do such as writing reviews.The delay timer works great and I was able to figure out how to set the clock and the delay timer just by pressing buttons (without having to, gasp, actually read any instructions) so points for that. I did notice that the clock on the coffee maker has a dimmer function, which is wonderful, but the when you turn the delay timer on, that button is super bright and totally defeats the purpose of the dimmer on the clock because when are most of us going to set the delay timer? At night of course. The coffee maker isn’t actually in my bedroom so I don’t really care. I find it funny though because if you’re going to include a dimmer on the clock, why not…..oh, nevermind.The thing comes with optional water filters and has a cute little dial which took me a little while to figure out but after busting out the reading glasses and looking close I realized there was a letter on the dial for each month of the year so you can replace the filter at the beginning of the month. Fun, right? I bought some filters because, why not? I have been changing them monthly so far because this is all still shiny and new. At some point I am pretty sure I will look at the dial and realize it is on February and I am in July. Some other reviews have mentioned a weird taste possibly from the filter. I rinse the filter before putting it in and I brew my coffee way too strong anyway and I haven’t noticed any off flavors. And I have no problem with the placement of the filter basket on the side of the coffee maker. Adapt, people. I fill the filter basket pretty full because of aforementioned tendency to brew the coffee a little on the strong side, and it does not overflow easily, which is very helpful in my life.Some reviews have mentioned that the carafe pours slowly because of the configuration of the lid. So, that means it takes like 10.3 seconds to fill your mug rather than 6.8 seconds? Srsly peeple, quit whining. The thing doesn’t dribble which is more important to me. And I’m right about everything.Thanks for reading and happy brewing!


    I have had this Mr. Coffee coffee maker a month now and wanted to see what kinks it had b4 I left a review. I paid $70 for it and I’m not a paid reviewer so this is my honest review. I have decided to switch from a glass carafe type coffee maker to a stainless steel carafe so I can have hot coffee an hour later. I find this coffee maker holds hot coffee for 120 minutes, there is a timer on the unit. I make 6 cups at a time and only pour about 1/2 into my stainless steel mug with lid. The key to keeping hot coffee is to pour it into a mug that does not have an open top to cool it off. When I first received the maker I found after about two times making 6 cups of coffee, The clean light would come on and I couldn’t brew or switch the clean light off. I unplugged and had to reset clock and the brew later timer all over again, ugh! I did this several times within the first week I received it and I thought I would have to return it. At first I just ran 6 cups of water and hit the clean button and let it do it’s thing for the 45 minutes that’s required. Then it reset but it kept happening again, asking to clean. Finally I ran white vinegar with 6 cups of water, it cleaned again. The unit finally reset and It’s been fine ever since, about 3 weeks now and several daily brews later. I read the manual and the unit needs to be cleaned after so many cups or brew time, so that’s not a Glitch. And now that a month has passed the little filter disk supplied is dirty. I have filtered water so I really don’t need a disk, but a filter certainly cant hurt. . And I’ve always put coffee filters in the bottom of a holder where the fresh grounds sit. So I decided yesterday to cut a 3 1/4 inch coffee filter the size of the disk and place it in the disk space and screw on the top to hold the filter in place, as shown in one photo. It worked! The coffee brewed just fine, didn’t drop in on the grounds. So now I am cutting up a bunch of disks for the future. No need to buy disk filters in store or online. A pkg of 200 filters are cheap. So that using 2 a day (1 for grounds and 1 for filtering) will still give you 100 brews for just over a buck or so! Buy the store brands they work perfectly. Also I love the brew timer as I set it up for brewing the next morning. The unit is loud I found. At first it woke me up and I’m down a hallway. Now that it has brewed many cups (holds 10 cups at a time) it’s a bit quieter so I’m glad I was patient as I love the maker now. It does give you very hot coffee and the 120 minutes still gives you good flavor, not the glass carafe burnt taste. I used my last ratio of grounds per cup to my liking from my old Hamilton Beach brewer. So this unit is a good choice I found and you do get what you pay for. I hope it lasts me a few years anyway.Also please recycle the cut off strips from the coffee filter disk are if you are cutting up your own, it’s paper!

  5. Ramon Quinones

    have tried and used a lot of different models throughout decades, and finally found the ONE … this one is easy to handle, brews an exquisite spirit, and cleaning is effortless … happy camper, at last!!!

  6. Ripleey

    This is my third purchase of this brewer. Been using it for many years. I guess when you find the one that suits you, you stick with it. Glad they kept the model and didn’t change it.

  7. Michael L. Buchanan

    I bought this same coffee pot three times over the last 15 years. They have really improved over the years! Ten years from now I’ll probably replace it with the same brand and model.

  8. chris seaman

    In addition to great tasting coffee, I had a few coffee pot requirements. Must be able to program timer without getting out owners manual, must be able to remove pot while brewing without dripping, coffee must stay hot without heated burner plate, and it must be easy to add water without spillage. This pot met all my requirements and the coffee tastes great.

  9. tomh

    I have had the normal range of cheap coffee makers, typically replaced when the glass carafe broke. Then I got a thermal maker from Black and Decker, which had numerous flaws (I wrote a less than flattering review of that one). So this time, I made the effort to read reviews. This one has lots and they are really, really helpful.Some are glowing, and some are not, so I appreciate and respect all of the views expressed, and don’t discount anything negative people have said. My perspective is: moving from a low-end thermal maker that had all the issues this Mr. Coffee model claims to resolve, I have in the first few days of use been completely impressed.The water reservoir on the right is easily accessible, even in a relatively tight space to the side, since it lifts straight up. The basket on the right needs about 6″ of clearance on the side to pull out. (So under a cabinet might not be a great place for it). Both are easily filled. Markings on the water reservoir are clear and legible. Several people have complained about the water cover, but it seems simple and fine to me; just resting on top. I live in an area with excellent tap water, so have not used the supplied water filter. Normal paper basket filters work fine for me; I don’t make a full pot (usually 6 «cups»), but no sign of overflowing as reported by others, even with coffee ground rather finely.(My previous cheaper maker would often overflow and was a pain to fill and hard to read)The coffee is hot. Perfectly hot. I like that I can rinse and empty the carafe with a swish of warm water, but even when it was cold the coffee was hot. The coffee stays hot in the carafe as promised, for hours.(My previous maker neither of these were true, even before the gasket seal fell out)Note that there is no heating element to keep the coffee warm, only to boil the water during the phase of making coffee. I looked at several Bunn models; they all had heaters to keep water near brewing temperature, which seems wasteful and unnecessary to me. As advertised, the coffee from this model brews very quickly.The coffee tastes great. This was a total surprise for me. I love a great cup of coffee, and have tried many different makers, methods, beans, grinds and so on over the years, but never was able to get something I loved at home without jumping through hoops. This model has made me a few really exceptionally good pots of coffee, without me doing anything special. I think this is because the water is hot and distributed over the grounds in the filter basket evenly. Several people remarked that coffee was a little weaker; I had a different experience: same grind and amount of coffee/water as my old maker and I get much richer and more flavorful coffee. This is really what is making me smile.The carafe seats nicely into the space for it. It feels solid and «locked in».(previous maker would often overflow if carafe was not seated just perfectly. Others have said this can happen with this model, but it seems far less likely to me.)Carafe pours cleanly and at a normal rate as far as I can see. Others have said it’s slow because it’s a vacuum seal, and perhaps that’s true, but it’s not remarkable slow to my eye.Front panel controls are nice looking and seem well constructed, as do other parts. It doesn’t feel cheap. We’ll see — I have been so sorely disappointed in so many products made these days, even high-end name brands. We bought a toaster fro Krups and the lettering wore off the knobs in a matter of months. Really? As I mentioned in my review of my old Black and Decker coffee maker, the plastic button pad peeled up and I had to stick it down again. Really? So fingers crossed, but both design and construction seem solid and durable.After a few days, this seems like a very well made, thoughtfully designed product that does a simple job very well.

  10. Alan H. Wiese

    When I first received this coffee maker I noticed a strong smell from the carafe. I was diligent in washing it and tried vinegar and warm water solution. After several months of use the problem was only getting worse. The coffee maker itself, however, worked beautifully. I called customer service. After following their directions for using vinegar and warm water and leaving the lid of the carafe to be sure it aired out, the smell was still there. I was sent a whole new unit. I am so happy to be able to brew wonderful coffee again. I would recommend Mr. Coffee. They do take care of their customer.

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