Cuisinart DCC-2200RC 14-Cup Replacement Glass Carafe

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About this item CAPACITY: 14-Cup glass carafe holds 112 fluid ounces CARAFE FEATURES: ergonomic comfort grip black handle, dripless spout, lid, and knuckle guard for added protection WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash carafe and lid in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly or place in the dishwasher on the upper rack only BREWER MARKINGS: Carafe brewer markings range from 2-14 cups of liquid COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with a wide range of our premium Cuisinart coffeemakers: DCC-2200, DCC-2600, DCC-2800, DCC-3200, and DCC-3200P1


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Our Mission is to help you ‘Savor the Good Life.’ Under management from Conair Corporation since 1989, the legacy is alive and well, as today, Cuisinart is a universally recognized name. The prestigious Cuisinart brand is not limited to food processors. The company is a full-service culinary resource with a wide array of products, preferred by chefs and favored by consumers. This needs to be more lifestyle focused it sounds like it ties to our archaic tagline a kitchen resource.





Brewed coffee markings for two to fourteen cups


Glass Carafe


14 Cups


Glass Carafe

Product Dimensions

8.25 x 8.3 x 7.25 inches

Included Components

lid, carafe

Item Weight

1.35 pounds

Model Name

DCC-2200RC 14-Cup Replacement Glass Carafe





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#431 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #1 in Coffee Machines

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September 24, 2007

10 отзывов на Cuisinart DCC-2200RC 14-Cup Replacement Glass Carafe

  1. L. SnowL. Snow

    We’ve replaced an older Cuisinart DCC-1200 with this DCC-3200. Since it’s a popular line, I thought others might be interested in how they compare. (In the attached comparison photos, the 1200 is on the left and the 3200 is on the right):Taste: Coffee in the 3200 is more flavorful. A new machine might be expected to be better, but I think they’ve gotten the flow and temperature of the brewing process better.Temperature: The brewed coffee is much hotter. Both units have three temperature settings for the hot plate, but the settings on the 3200 are hotter.Size and Capacity. The 3200 handles 14 cups compared to the 1200’s 12 cups. Yet as you can see from the photos, they are the same height to fit on a counter. They seem to get the extra capacity by making the 3200 a little deeper from front to back. We’ve been surprised at how useful the extra capacity is.Carafe: The new glass carafe is just like the old one, only larger. It pours nicely with or without the lid on it. The new lid works the same as the old one, popping off and on. (I read some complaints about the lid on an intervening model with a spring opening, but if so, they fixed that by going back to the 1200 style).As far as I can tell, there isn’t a version of the 3200 designed for a thermal carafe like there is for the 12-cup models. I prefer the glass carafe because it keeps the coffee hotter longer, and I can always pour the coffee into a thermal carafe if I want to.Water Filling. The bigger size also increases the size of the water fill hole. The lid on the top of the 3200 unit raises to 90 degrees straight up, where the lid on the 1200 tilted further back and out of the way. Still the 3200 is easier to fill, and I suspect that the restriction on the tilt may help preserve the integrity of the hot water tube.Sneak a Cup. Taking out the carafe to sneak a cup during brewing worked great on the 1200 with little dripping, and still does on the 3200.Basket. The basket on the 3200 is very similar to the 1200, but a slightly different shape to accommodate more grounds for 14 cups. Actually, grounds just barely fit with a 4 cup paper filter in the new basket, and sometimes go above the filter in the basket. The basket actually seems more designed for the included gold filter.Water filter. The 3200 uses the exact same carbon filters and filter holder as the 1200, but the holder seems to fit more snugly in its hole, which may help prevent clogging (see below)Beep. The 3200 allows you to turn of the coffee-ready beep if you want.Controls. Controls on the 3200 are a little easier. The 3200 uses all push buttons with no switches. Separate hour and minute settings make it a little easier to program and set the clock. There is a new «Bold» setting which does indeed seem to result in stronger coffee. There is still a setting for smaller, 1-4 cup pots, but I never use that. You can still set the hot plate to stay hot for up to 4 hours, which is important to me. There is a fairly bright blue glow from the LED display on the 3200.Cleaning. There was a sensor button on the hot plate of the 1200 that’s gone on the 3200, so the plate stays cleaner. The extra stainless steel looks good on the 3200 but probably shows smudges more and might benefit from special cleaner fluids.Coffee Grounds Overflowing and Clogging. This was the biggest problem before, and I don’t know if it’s fixed, but it seems better. On the 1200, if you put too many coffee grounds in the filter it could overflow in the brewing process, and sometimes grounds would get into the water system and clog the tube. The 1200 was designed not to be repairable, but customers tried anyway with some difficulty. After one successful repair, we eventually had to replace the 1200. So far, we have not had any overflow issues with the 3200. The larger basket (with possibly a bigger drip opening), the deeper reservoir and longer case, and the more stable, non-tilting lid may help with this, but we will see how it works over time. I do notice that they made the bottom panel easier to remove, with regular screws instead of Torx, if it ever comes to that. My one tip for users is to always use the filter holder with a filter in it, even if your water is fine, because that should help prevent grounds from getting into the heating system.In all, the 3200 is an excellent replacement for the 1200, and worth the extra money if you are choosing between the two models new.

  2. Jay

    So, I read reviews etc. before settling on this coffee pot. My last one lasted 10 years or so until a button jammed and it quit working. That was a Kitchen Aid with a thermal pot, and I liked it. This review is relative to that machine.Pros:>>Thoughtfully designed and sturdy.>Reliably makes great-tasting, piping hot coffee!>Large pot (12-cup) which is great since we use an espresso machine for smaller servings.>Thermal pot keeps the coffee hot for a long time!>No need to turn the lid to open and close for pouring! This also means the coffee doesn’t get cold when you forget to twist the lid shut after pouring your coffee; my last machine had that problem.>Intuitive programming for auto-on and other features (unlike my last pot, which was confusing).>Bright blue lights make it obvious when the pot is set to turn on automatically or when it is brewing, unlike my last machine.>Looks great!>Didn’t overflow when I forgot to put the lid on the coffee pot. This is an awesome feature because in my previous coffee machine, this ended up as a counter-flood disaster! This machine allowed the filter basket to overflow INTO the coffee pot. Sure, the coffee had grounds in it, but the flood was averted.>If you forget to seat the filter basket into the coffee pot, the lid to the filter basket and reservoir does not close all the way, so you instantly are aware of the problem, which would have caused my other machine to overflow.>Coffee grounds bypassing the filter will not clog machine an cause a flood, as happened with my previous machine. This is the case for the same reason as the filter basket not seating properly does not overflow and cause a flood — overflow from the filter basket goes directly into the pot via the lid.Con’s:I struggled to find a «Con» for this machine! I guess I can only say that I like when the other machine beeps at the start of brewing, and this one does not. No big deal really, and maybe offset by the fact that you can turn the «beep» function off if you don’t want to hear it.This is the best coffee machine I’ve ever had, and I have had several. I highly recommend it!

  3. RealtorMomRealtorMom

    Update: The first one I bought lasted about 19 months. The price has increased almost 50% since I bought that one. When it died I tried a few other models that are less expensive. After a day or a week I returned those and ultimately bought another one of these. I’ve had my second one about 11 months now. I will likely never buy anything else. Best coffee I’ve ever been able to make at home. It used to be if you bought something from Cuisinart you could expect to still have it in five years. I wish that was still the case, but if I’m being completely honest I would buy a new one of these every year if I have to.I looked at every model of thermal carafe coffee maker and read a lot of reviews before choosing this one.This is, by far, the hottest coffee I have ever gotten from a home coffee maker. For me, this is a huge selling point.The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot enough to enjoy without microwaving for at least 4 hours. Even after 6 or 7 hours the coffee is still warm and tasty. Because it does not use a warming plate to keep the coffee hot, the last drop of coffee tastes as good as the first. I will never go back to a glass caraf. I like the flavor of my coffee better than I have with any other coffee maker I’ve ever owned.The carafe is large. It holds almost 2 liters if you fill it to the 12 cup mark.The pour spout is designed specifically so It doesn’t dribble all over the place when I pour.It makes the coffee pretty quickly. Speed depends on the settings you use and, obviously, how much coffee you’re making. A full pot without the bold setting is read in about 11 or 12 minutes.It is completely programmable so you can setup the coffee to be ready at whatever time you’d like. It also has a «1-4» button for if you’re making 1 to 4 cups of coffee, and a «bold» button if you like stronger coffee. Those two buttons have a similar function. They slow the water flow over the grinds so you get the full flavor in a small pot, or a bolder flavor in any pot.A note about pouring because I’ve seen some reviewers that didn’t like how the pot pours. I don’t use the pot to fill the reservoir with water. I did that the first time and it pours way too slowly. That was aggravating. That may be why others complained. So I use a plastic pitcher for filling the reservoir. It appears that the top to the pot is designed to control the flow rate when pouring. I see this as a positive. When I’m filling my coffee cup I’m never wishing it would pour faster. I’m just glad coffee isn’t getting all over the counter, the floor, or me.I noticed some reviewers said the buttons stopped working after a few months or a year. I will say that it doesn’t take much force at all to get a response from whatever button you push. Because of those reviews I make a point of not using much force when I hit «Brew» or whatever button I’m pushing. If you poke them hard over and over, I could see them not working anymore after awhile.This coffee maker looks nice in my kitchen. If you have stainless steel appliances it will match. It takes up a very reasonable amount of space on my counter. The measurement lines are on the right side in the middle; however you can pour the water into the reservoir from either side. The reservoir is the whole back of the unit and is accepts water on either the left of the right side.The filter basket is cone shaped. It comes with a gold screen reusable filter insert. I still use a paper filter in that as well because I don’t like any sediment in my coffee. The paper cone filters cost a little more than standard filters but not so much that it is deal-breaker for me. A few extra dollars every 3 or 4 months.You have the option to use a charcoal water filter, but if you never use one it doesn’t change how to unit performs. The charcoal filter’s purpose is to filter things like the chloriine flavor out of your water. I use it.Some reviewers complained that the instructions are lacking in detail. Maybe the manufacturer has updated them since then. For the most part the setup is all pretty logical. The one thing I found difficult to figure out and not explained in the instructions was getting the charcoal filter into the filter holder. Turns out it is apparently so easy it looks hard. I included a few pics. On the stem portion of the charcoal filter holder is the word «open» with an arrow pointing downward. Right below that on the base is a little notch that sticks up. Just gently pull on the little notch and the front of the base flips open. The back left corner of the water reservoir has a slot cutout in the bottom to hold the base of the charcoal water filter setup. You just gently set it down in there. You don’t have to force it. And it stays in place. The last pic is of the cutout in the bottom of the water reservoir. Other than that setup was really easy. The filter basket only fits in one way. It’s a no-brainer to see where the water goes. The instructions tell you how to use all the buttons and features.There is a ready tone that beeps 5 times when the coffee is finished brewing. It’s pretty loud. If you don’t like that, you just press the «Tone» button near the clock face and the ready tone is off.It comes with one charcoal water filter, several cone shaped paper coffee filters, and a coffee scoop. Amazon sells the charcoal filters and the paper cone filters for very reasonable prices.I’ve been using this coffee maker since the day after Christmas 2019 and I have no complaints. I will update this review if anything changes. I’ve had a Bunn, and several models of Hamilton Beach over the course of 20 years. So far, this is the best coffee maker I’ve ever owned.

  4. Charles Palmer

    The first one we had lasted quite a few years. It still worked but you had to be sure to push the filter retainer down hard or it would leak. We could have lived with that but just decided to get a new one. Reading lots of reviews this still seemed like the best choice for our needs.One of the complaints I read about was difficulty filling it with water. This bothered me too at first, with the first one. I quickly learned where to position the carafe to make it easy plus it is important to have the carafe pointing straight up and down or water drips off the side. Never had an issue pouring coffee because I’m not trying to dump 10-12 cups in very quickly.Obviously pretty happy with this model or we wouldn’t have purchased it a second time. I really like being able to pull the carafe out at any point and not lose a drop of the brewing coffee. We always use coffee filters, cleaning that included gold mesh filter is a real PIA.

  5. JC

    When I purchase an item, I expect it to be high quality. I usually read the reviews, particularly the bad reviews, to determine if I can live with that flaw before purchasing the item. I generally only comment on really bad or really good purchases based on this expectation. This Cuisinart coffee maker is my fourth purchase. The first was a couple of decades ago, and it was defective. The basket overflowed. I contacted the manufacturer, and they immediately sent me a replacement which lasted several years. I broke the carafe; replacements are so expensive that I purchased a new Cuisinart. This purchase lasted over a decade before it occasionally leaked water on my counter. I went to Google to examine coffee maker reviews, and Cuisinart 14 cup coffee maker was number 1 in a couple of listings. I purchased this Cuisinart a month ago and was pleasantly surprised that they increased the brewing temperature for the coffee. With the first pot (carafe), my wife commented on the taste of the coffee, asking which coffee I brewed. The second day she asked the same question getting a different answer. I then told her I thought the difference was the brewing temperature. We have gone through at least a half dozen specialty coffees and realize that the higher brewing temperature causes each coffee to taste much better. Cuisinart, NICE JOB!

  6. David

    Are you agonizing over bad reviews in every coffee maker ad you see? I sure did. I had one too many Keurig machines break on me and feel guilty about the plastic pods so I set out to make a change. I couldn’t be happier with this machine. It’s easy to take apart and clean. It’s a few simple steps to make coffee. The chamber is shaped to allow a full bloom so the coffee tastes great. The permanent filter means no buying paper ones and works great. If you watch the sales and different colors you can get a deal too under $70. Really happy with this product.

  7. diane

    I gave up my last cuisinart a few years ago due to problems with the warming plate. After reading reviews that they upgraded I gave this a chance. It does not drip on the plate when you pull the pot out, I love the view window so I see the water level. I set it to brew on schedule the night before and I wake up to a wonderfully tasting and hot cup of coffee. I don’t know about you, but the programming feature is very important to me, because in the morning I need a cup of coffee to make a cup of coffee, so it’s nice to have it already brewed when I wake up! my last coffee maker was just not brewing hot enough for me, but this machine is perfect!

  8. kc

    Love this coffee maker! I used to use the kind that held the coffee inside the coffee maker, not in a carafe and you would push a lever to get the coffee out. I work from home and have coffee throughout the day and I didn’t like the carafe sitting on a burner for hours and creating that burnt coffee taste so I switched. I liked those but the coffee stream while «pouring» continued to slow over time to the point you couldn’t use it anymore. This thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for hours without the burner. I’m thrilled, it’s a much better solution. This is just what I was looking for: great taste, hot coffee, lasting heat, no burnt coffee taste. Winner!

  9. BGN8

    I bought this item to replace a Cuisinart coffee maker 1 which we’ve had for approximately 10 years. The 3200BKSP1 is a definite improvement over an already great product. No complaints at all and it produces a smoother hotter blend than the previous model using the same coffee.Addendum:I almost gave a 1- or 2-star review for this product which would not have been fair since it would have been because of the purchase experience not the product. The first product I received was Used!!!! I use that term nicely actually it was filthy. The Carafe was stained and dirty . . . the top of the maker showed evidence of significant use not to mention dried coffee & whatever inside of the unit. I immediately requested a replacement which was received two days later. The first unit arrived inside tattered product box but also inside of an Amazon cardboard box. The second unit was left in pouring rain in front of my doorstep in just the thin product packaging . . . no outside box. The item nearly fell apart when I picked it up. However it was new as ordered and I will keep it but the overall experience was not five star.Amazon . . . . you have to do better!!!!!!!!!!

  10. DS

    Most of the reviews are pretty accurate insofar as it does a good job, but the carafe is slow to pour and hard to empty. I personally don’t find this to be an issue as I can be patient when pouring. The coffee made with this tastes great, and is about a perfect 185° F. The coffee also stays hot in the stainless carafe for hours (about 4) It has all of those other features, timers, etc. for those who must have the convenience. I think this is just about the perfect setup for what I want a coffee maker to do, 100% satisfied.

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