Creano Porcelain Coffee Dripper — Filter Size 4 Stone (Grey)

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About this item OFFER: 1x porcelain coffee dripper with 1-hole fast flow in the colour stone grey, suitable for standard filter bags in size 4 and 2, delivered in a high-quality gift box SPECIAL FEATURES: The extra large hole and the internal grooves promote a homogeneous coffee flow & ensure the perfect result in the cup. By varying the quantity of ground coffee, the coffee taste can be influenced. The filter was deliberately made a little more robust and heavier, which gives it an extremely good stability. FEATURES: The porcelain quick filter is approx. 12.5cm high and has a diameter of approx. 14cm, with handle it is approx. 17.5cm wide. Small deviations are possible due to the manual work. The filter is dishwasher-safe and shock and scratch resistant. APPLICATIONS: The porcelain filter can be used on a cup, mug or glass as well as on a coffee pot. Suitable for making coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, café au lait, Schümli, Wiener Melange and many more. OUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and competent customer service is at your disposal for any problems you may have and will find a 100% satisfactory solution with you!


Product Description

Filtering coffee by hand is «in» again. And justifiably so!

More and more restaurants and private households are returning to the classic filter coffee, by hand filtering. On the one hand, the developed eco-awareness contributes to the desire to avoid unnecessary plastic waste from coffee capsules as much as possible, and on the other hand it is the taste component that makes hand filtered coffee so special.

An all-round sensible comeback, in our opinion!

Dripper greyDripper grey

CREANO PORCELAIN COFFEE FILTER — in extraordinary colours

We have developed a robust porcelain coffee filter in the colours white, stone grey, saffron yellow, red, jade green and azure blue, which filters a delicious coffee within a short time due to its fast flow. The filter can be used flexibly. You can use it directly on your coffee mug for portion filtering or use it over a coffee pot to filter several cup portions.

Kaffeefilter FarbenKaffeefilter Farben


  • For fast, manual coffee preparation
  • With 1-hole quick run-through
  • Brewing directly in the cup or coffee pot possible
  • Suitable for standard filter bags size 4 & 2
  • Internal grooves promote homogeneous coffee flow
  • Made of high-quality porcelain, with abrasion-resistant glaze
  • Dishwasher-safe, easy & residue-free cleaning



correct preparation 1correct preparation 1

correct preparation 2correct preparation 2

correct preparation 3correct preparation 3

correct preparation 4correct preparation 4

Step 1

Place filter on cup or coffee pot

Step 2

Insert filter bag (size 4 or 2)

Step 3

Fill filter bag with ground coffee

Step 4

Pour hot water over coffee evenly (clockwise)



By varying the quantity of ground coffee, the taste of the coffee can be influenced

The flow rate of the coffee and its taste depend on the degree of grinding. The finer the grind of the coffee, the slower the flow rate. The slower the flow rate, the stronger and stronger the taste of the coffee and vice versa. You can adjust the taste and strength of the coffee to suit your individual taste and quantity of coffee.


Detail 1Detail 1

Detail 2Detail 2

Detail 3Detail 3


The lower support surface has a diameter of 4,33 inch/11cm. The inner circular border measures 2.56 inch/ 6.5cm in diameter. The diameter (filter opening at the top) is approx. 5.51 inch/ 14cm. The total width with handle is approx. 6.89 inch/ 17.5cm and the height is approx. 4,92 inch/ 2.5cm.

Small deviations are possible due to the manual work.

Special features

  • Internal grooves promote homogeneous coffee flow
  • High-quality porcelain with coloured abrasion-resistant glaze
  • Robust and heavy (approx. 800g), therefore extremely good stability

The Hole

  • 1-hole quick run-through
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Shock and scratch resistant




Model Number



‎Stone Grey

Product Dimensions

‎17.5 x 14 x 12.5 cm; 920 Grams



Compatible Models

‎Coffee Maker

Item Weight

‎920 g



Customer Reviews

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68,112 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) 76 in Reusable Coffee Filters

Date First Available

21 Nov. 2019

11 отзывов на Creano Porcelain Coffee Dripper — Filter Size 4 Stone (Grey)

  1. Bright Phoebus

    I melted my old plastic drip filter on the stove. I can’t be bothered with the faff of cleaning a cafetière, so I started looking to see if there were any filters made from not plastic and I found these. I was also looking for something made in UK or EU and not in China.There several probably perfectly serviceable (and cheaper) white ones around, but the colours on these, which are really vibrant, caught my eye, and they are made in Germany.They fit my range of mismatched cups and mugs with 8.5cm to 10cm rims. They are stable and not at all wobbly. They are large (measurement per the seller description) and heavy (810g) — think of an old fashioned 1 pt. glass beer mug with a handle but heavier!I bought 3 and they look so good, that I bring them to the table with cream and different strength coffees and let people make their own, which is a nice end to an informal meal.As any proficient manual coffee maker would know, and as it helpfully says on the box, it’s not just the roast but the *grind* that determines the strength with a drip filter. I don’t get the reports that the water just runs straight through and the coffee is bad. Well, if you have coarser-ground coffee, it will run faster. You adjust your modus operando to fit your kit. I made my coffee in exactly the same way as I did with my old filter, and it brewed a perfect cup for me.The only downside – they must be popular as they are not always in stock on Amazon so I had to wait to get mine, but absolutely well worth it.

  2. Daniel

    This is a large filter. It is good quality. It’s important to have a suitable coffee pot to drip into.

  3. Amazon Customer

    It arrived very quickly and was very well packaged. After a quick rinse I made a really nice cup of coffee. The Creano is a very simple product to use but beautifully designed and made. It is bigger than you might expect and quite weighty but that just makes it more stable when placed on a mug or jug, I love it

  4. Gaffer

    Much heavier than I thought it would be, but excellent for large volume filter coffee making. Sits on a coffee pot well. Nice colours.

  5. Sagar Fuzz

    I love this coffee dripper. It was much larger than the one I had before, but still works well for a single cup of coffee with the added bonus you can do a whole jug too. Would recommend.

  6. MRS D.


  7. ZeroOne

    I received a different colour to the one I ordered but Creano’s customer service sorted out the problem promptly.I love this coffee filter. It is an old-fashioned sturdy — and heavy! — piece of porcelain which is so easy to clean compared to the plastic one I used previously. Expensive but worth it.

  8. shm

    Very pleased indeed with it. Intended to use this on a hinged lidded retro coffee pot bought at same time. I love the retro look. I use a cafetiere instead. But I love it! It’s high quality, chunky and substantial, pleasing to look at — such a gorgeous colour red! Much nicer in ‘real life.’ It has become a ‘ritual’ watching the coffee making drip through process and my husband calls it The Distillery! He loves the satisfying process of slowly pouring the boiling water in the centre a little at first then clockwise around the edge.Most importantly the coffee itself tastes glorious. Better than using a cafetiere for some reason. I love coffee that is flavoursome but not bitter. This is just like the coffee we drank in the Reykjavik, Icelandic Coffee Shop called Reykjavik Roasters. I therefore call it Icelandic Coffee when we use it! They ground their coffee beans on site whereas ours was already ground. So it all seems rather magical and this review rather OTT. But I speak no lie — this is worth every penny.Finally, it’s a doddle to clean as all the coffee grounds are held in a filter paper.We just love, love, LOVE it❤️❤️❤️PS. I will add a photo at a later date.

  9. Alex

    Having never made filter coffee by hand before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew I wanted a porcelain filter rather than plastic (all that boiling water going through it multiple times a day!). This one is fantastic. Very sturdy, the item is obviously well made, and the colour (I got blue) stands out nicely in the kitchen. I’ve had this for about three months and it’s still good as new. Not chipped or cracked when I transported it in luggage to and from my social bubble multiple times (box and bubble wrap recommended for that).It’s very pleasant to use as well, aesthetically. High quality finish, bright colour, the inner scalloped pattern is very nice. It’s an absolute breeze to clean, in fact it barely stains at all.One thing to note: this thing is bigger than it seems! And it’s not light, although to me that’s a good thing because it ties in with the sturdiness. Definitely get at least no. 4 filters with it. I fold them more than once along the bottom to make the coffee brew for longer.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Arrived today and only used once so far.Love it. No more coffee grounds blocking the sink periodically! You just lift the coffee filter out and place it in the bin. I’ll never use a cafetière again.About the size: that makes it handy to pour all the water in at once, in contrast to the smaller versions that require you to wait until some water has filtered, fill up with more water, repeat.That offing around is not required with this huge guy!I got the saffron yellow and it’s very egg yolk-y sunshine-y. Love it!

  11. Wendyt

    This piece really resonated with me. The analysis was spot-on. Looking forward to discussing this with you all. Check out my profile for more interesting cont

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