Stainless Steel Induction Stovetop Espresso Maker — Make Cafe Quality Italian Style Coffee at Home with This Premium Moka Pot in Modern Chrome, by the London Sip Company. (Silver, 3 Cup)

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About this item ♨ IMAGINE DRINKING BARISTA QUALITY, ITALIAN INSPIRED ESPRESSO IN YOUR OWN HOME — Upgrade Your Coffee Drinking Experience with Double-Filtered Espresso from the Best Stovetop Espresso Maker. ♨ AUTHENTIC ITALIAN ESPRESSO MAKER, UPGRADED WITH A MODERN BRITISH TWIST — We’ve enhanced the traditional aluminium Italian Moka Pot with this Modern Premium Stainless Steel Variation. ♨ COFFEE ENTHUSIASTS EVERYWHERE ENJOY THE PURE RICH COFFEE FLAVOUR, WITH NO METALLIC TASTE — Unlike Cheaper Aluminium Models, which can Leave a Nasty Metal Taste in Your Mouth (and may even pose a health risk), Our High Quality Stainless Steel Material will make Clean, Great-tasting Coffee for Years to Come (Or Your Money Back!). ♨ ENJOY THE EASE OF MAKING 300ml OF PERFECT ESPRESSO AT ONCE, FOR YOUR FAMILY OR GUESTS TO ENJOY — Whether it’s a pot of coffee to kick-start your day, or an after dinner treat for your guests, enjoy 3 glorious cups of bold, rich espresso every time. ♨ HEAT PROOF, EXTRA LARGE HANDLE AND STEAM SAFETY VALVE GIVES YOU PEACE OF MIND — Protect Yourself Against Burns with our Extra Large, Outward Facing Handle which Keeps Your Fingers Well Away from the Hob.


From the manufacturer

Delicious, gourmet-quality coffee in your home — every time.

Delicious, gourmet-quality coffee in your homeDelicious, gourmet-quality coffee in your home

Works on all stovetops — even induction!

Works on all stovetops - even induction!Works on all stovetops - even induction!

The London Sip Stovetop Espresso Maker is made of rust-proof, non-corroding stainless steel, so you can enjoy your espresso without any metallic aftertaste. Unlike some stovetop coffee makers that are made of aluminum, the London Sip works on all stovetops, whether you have gas, electric, ceramic, or induction.

Espresso MakerEspresso Maker

The London Sip LogoThe London Sip Logo

The London Sip makes it easy to enjoy gourmet-quality coffee at home. Founded in England, the company started with the goal of improving the classic mocha pot. The “Stovetop Espresso Maker” became the flagship product of the brand. In 2022, The London Sip line was relaunched globally under the Escali family of brands, featuring new products, improved quality, refined branding, and the best coffee and tea making tools on the market.

Looking for a stovetop espresso maker that will deliver delicious, high-quality coffee every time?

Look no further than the London Sip Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Maker! It’s simple to use and features an extra-large heat proof handle and a steam safety valve to protect your hand as you brew. And the stainless steel construction means you can use it on any stovetop, including induction, without worry of metallic flavors in your coffee.


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‎The London Sip

Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎13.49 x 10.11 x 17.2 cm; 417.3 Grams


‎300 Millilitres

Power / Wattage

‎1250 watts




‎Stainless Steel

Auto Shutoff


Special Features

‎Heat proof ergonomic handle, Compatible with all stovetops, including induction stovetops and ranges, Rust-proof, non-corroding Stainless Steel construction

Item Weight

‎417 g



Customer Reviews

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10,295 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) 12 in Stovetop Coffee Makers

Date First Available

4 Jan. 2020

10 отзывов на Stainless Steel Induction Stovetop Espresso Maker — Make Cafe Quality Italian Style Coffee at Home with This Premium Moka Pot in Modern Chrome, by the London Sip Company. (Silver, 3 Cup)

  1. JanetW

    The pot makes consistently good coffee for me every day.. My only gripe is that replacement gasket seals are not available here in the UK. I raised a ticket with the vendor who have initially been responsive. However, more than a month on since I raised it, I still don’t have spare seals.In all honesty they shouldn’t be selling these in the UK if they’re not able to provide the spares.

  2. Fuller

    Solid and well made. Looks great, copper orange in colour. Makes great coffee.

  3. Crimpcase

    Brilliant coffee pot to go on the induction hob, I was looking for one that went on my new induction hob and settled on this one, so pleased with it, well worth the money, well made should last a lifetime.

  4. WHOOP

    This is by far the best coffee/moka pot I’ve owned. It’s build quality is a real step up. Highly recommended! ?

  5. Kindle Customer

    500 ml makes 2 mugs of coffee

  6. B M LEEKE

    Great coffee maker

  7. Stephen Flanigan

    Superb coffee maker. Partners the mobile small halogen hob perfectly for quick and easy fast hot beverages. Less expensive to run than other means of drink making, so simple to use and effortless to clean. My coffee machine now stands idle as this ? product makes good, strong coffee every time.

  8. Stanley

    I had an issue with this espresso maker — to be fair the issue developed over a 2 years period, so it was never really a complaint. The actual cause of the ‘blistering’ to the inside base to this day remains unconfirmed, but the suggestion was that it had become burned from leaving on the heat. I cannot confirm this either because I am pretty careful with it, but I wasn’t the only user. However, when I raised it with London Sip — and they were incredible. I only really raised it as a query, but they were so nice. I asked if I could purchase a replacement base. But what they did was amazing. They sent me a brand new espresso maker! FREE! Yes, they really did, and that goes a long long way with me. That is a company who cares about its customer and its reputation.The only niggle I have about the espresso maker is the lid lever. My thumb easily slips off it, just wish they had made it with a textured grip. Otherwise it’s great and London Sip clearly go the extra mile for customers, unlike most companies these days. Top marks to London Sip!

  9. D. Thurgood

    So I’ve had this for nearly a year, and I’ve changed my view, and the rating. At first, it was just taking too long to get rid of the metallic taste you’d get. But that has completely gone now, and I can’t tell the difference between a mug of coffee from this and from my Aeropress. The only things that’s gone wrong with it is that I forgot it was on the heat once and it boiled completely dry. The heat built up and spoiled the finish on the reservoir but… it still works just fine. I love it now!Old review: Hmm. Overall, I like this coffee pot (I’m drinking a coffee from it as I write!) I like that it makes enough coffee for one very strong mug (no espresso cups in this house!) or two Americanos. I like that it’s easy to clean. I like that it’s stylish. But…. the coffee just ain’t that great. When you’re used to being able to leave your coffee to really steep in the hot water (Aeropress, cafetiere etc), these moka pots just don’t produce as much flavour. There’s no way to control how long the coffee is exposed to the hot water, so the end result is probably about 80% as strong as my Aeropress can easily produce. However, it is considerably less faff than the Aeropress (particularly, if like me, you’re an inversion convert) so it’s about to replace my ‘press for camping. As others have said, it does take many cups before it stops tasting of metal — I would suggest buying the cheapest, trashiest coffee you can find (Asda’s bottom of the range is like tree bark!) and running the whole bag though it. You end up with a lot of coffee oils coating the inside of the jug and they keep your coffee tasting how it should. We all like our coffee the way we like it, so just as some folks prefer their cafetiere to the aeropress (and some people voted tory at the last election — go figure) some will also prefer this moka pot to what they’re used to.

  10. David

    After looking for ages, I came across this espresso percolator. » The London Sip » what a great name and what great coffee it makes too. If it’s a straight espresso in the morning or something a bit longer later in the day, then this is simply a great percolator and will fulfil whatever type of coffee you prefer. For those of you that are concerned about aluminium percolators, this one is indeed all stainless steel. The handle is a very nice shape and is very firm.After the initial thorough cleaning of all the parts of the percolator and several pots of espresso later which I sadly had to throw down the sink as a matter of course… The time had come to taste the fruits of my labour. The inside of the pot had begun to build up a layer of coffee oil and the resulting first espresso did not disappoint. I tend to use Lavazza Red as the flavour is deep and rich.I was a bit concerned about the lid as I thought the lid would open and the coffee would pour too quickly….not to worry, it pours perfectly and the lid stays closed. The pot itself has a nice weight to it. If like myself, you use boiling water from a kettle and then use a gas ring to finish off the coffee, it only takes one minute and you will be rewarded with a fantastic pot of coffee. All in all, a fantastic product which does the job and will last for many years if you look after it.No doubt you will be contacted just to make sure that your order had arrived safely. There will also be a pdf for you to download on how to use the percolator with some very useful information for the first time user. My wife is Italian and she said I had made the best choice…cant say fairer than that.

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