Oster BVSTKT7098-000 Kettle, 1.7 Liter, Clear/Stainless.

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About this item Elegant Blue Illumination While in use Convenient Cord Storage safely stores excess cord to keep your countertop neat 360-degree cordless base; Kettle can be placed on base from any angle Boil dry protection — kettle shuts off automatically when water is boiled On/Off indicator light with blue illumination


From the manufacturer

Elegant blue illumination while in use.

The Oster Brand Promise:
  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Durability

Oster Illuminating Glass Kettle

A Stylish Addition to Your Kitchen

Add some illumination to your kitchen with the Oster Illuminating Kettle that adds just as much function as it does style with a heat-resistant glass carafe, comfortable black handle, and stainless steel base. The large 1.7L capacity carafe creates up to 7 cups of boiling water at a time.

Blue LED Illumination

You will surely delight guests, with the beautiful blue illumination that starts as soon as you turn on the unit and reflects into the water.

Quickly Boils Water for Hot Beverages or Instant Meals

Easily and quickly prepare hot beverages or instant foods for your family meals or for entertaining guests.

Convenient Cordless Design

You’ll enjoy 360-degree swivel and cordless pouring freedom with the kettle that effortlessly rotates and removes from the 1500 watt Power Base so you can take it where ever you require your boiling water to go.

Features You’ll Appreciate

In addition to its great looks, you will also appreciate the secure locking lid; measurement markings to let you see the water level; the automatic shut off; and boil-dry protection for added peace of mind.



Mr. Coffee


1.7 Liters





Special Feature


Package Information



240 Volts

Finish Type



1500 watts

Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash

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Product Dimensions

7.56 x 9.53 x 10.63 inches

Item Weight

3.4 pounds


Jarden Consumer Solutions



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Best Sellers Rank

#433,411 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #425 in Electric Kettles

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 30, 2014

10 отзывов на Oster BVSTKT7098-000 Kettle, 1.7 Liter, Clear/Stainless.

  1. ArcticBonfire

    This is a fantastic item. The water boils quickly. You can easily see how much water in the kettle. This lets you know if you have enough water to make a cup of coffee. It to tell how much water is in it when you are filling it so you only have to boil the amount of water you need. If you don’t need to boil more than a cup of water, you don’t need to add more than a cup of water to it. You can see the water boil as soon as it starts boiling. There is a ring of blue LED lights that illuminate the water, the circular «on» indicators at the front of the unit, and the one/off switch below the handle. Many people are enthralled by the boiling blue bubbles. I think it is a nice touch.This is one of my best purchases ever. You will notice a lot of reviewers raving about this item for good reason.Some reviewers claim that this product doesn’t boil water as fast as other hot water kettles, and that it doesn’t have the features of other hot water kettles. If prefer Android phones over the iPhone, you may want to buy another kettle. On the other hand, this kettle blows all the other kettles away in terms of quality materials, quality construction, design and functionality. The other kettles look cheaper, use cheaper materials and are not nearly so well constructed. This kettle looks expensive. The other kettles look cheap by comparison. This kettle is a work of art. It belong in the museum of modern art. It boils water very fast. And since you can easily see the inside of the container, you can easily add the right amount of water. This enables you to boil water faster since you just have to boil the amount of hot water you need.One reviewer said, according to the directions, you should not turn the machine on more than once in any 30 minute period. I did not read the directions so I take his word for it.The cord has three prongs. If your outlets have two prongs, then you will need to buy a .99 cent 3-prong to 2-prong adapter. They are sold here on Amazon and at every hardware store.The unit does have one issue. The cord is very short. It is the shortest cord I have ever seen on any appliance of this nature. It is less than three feet. Unless you are able to place it very close to an outlet, you will need a «3-foot appliance extension cord.» You can buy one from for $3, The cord is called, «GoGreen Power GG-25603 14/3 3′ SPT A/C Extension Cord — Beige»Some people claim the on/off switch is flimsy. I don’t notice this to be so. It looks to be over engineered. Still it is made of Lucite, however I can’t think of a circumstanced where it may break since it takes so little pressure to press down on the switch and activate the unit.I don’t see where water inside the unit can comes in contact with any plastic.I have seen any white powder forming at the bottom of my unit. I never let the kettle boil dry. I always leave 1/2″ to 1» of water at the bottom of the kettle to prevent minerals from participating out of solution and baking onto the stainless steel plate.I think this covers all the bases. My only real complaint is that it doesn’t make me breakfast every morning and see me off to work.

  2. Jim

    This must be my favorite kitchen gadget of all! Especially with the blazing hot summer here in Oregon right now. I have several things I use boiling water each morning for, and this makes it so easy to do that withOUT heating up my little kitchen.PROS:I appreciate the blue light! I know instantly when it goes on and off (and it doesn’t hurt that the blue glow is kinda pretty).I like that it’s clear glass; I can instantly see when it reaches boil, and there is no aluminum to leach into my water.I like the strong sturdy handle; no fear at all of it slipping out of my rather weak grip; very easy to grasp.I like the water level markings on the outside, for times I don’t want to fill it up. Would rather it was printed on both sides. Not everyone is right handed… just saying.The ON tab is very easy to press on. Just remember to UNPLUG when not using it. It could easily be bumped on. I know… I did that.I LOVE that the bottom does not get hot after it has reached boiling. Not even warm to speak of! This was great for me, since I’m in a wheelchair and must carry it from the counter where it lives to the counter where I use it to make stuff. I can set it on my knee just fine.It’s not overly heavy, even filled with water. Again, I’m not super duper strong, so I appreciate that.The opening of the lid, with an easy push button, is large enough to easily clean inside. Usually I just drain out as much water as I can, then let it dry out with the lid open. Later I shut the lid just to keep out any dust. See CONS for why it even needs cleaning, since it’s ONLY used for water, not any other liquid.CONS:The one and only thing I wish were improved was to give it a better way to thoroughly drain every bit of water out when I empty it out. A tiny bit remains due to the little lip inside of the rim, and when set back up right, it drains back down onto the bottom. Over about a week, it makes tiny build up deposits. Happily, these easily wipe away.Overall, I use it every single day and I LOVE it, and wish I hadn’t waited so many years to spring for one!

  3. Samie May

    The media could not be loaded.  I’ve had this kettle for over a year and it is our favorite small appliance (and it is in the running with a deep fryer!). I was originally sold on the nifty blue light, but then I started to notice how sturdy and balanced the design is. You can easily fill the kettle to the «full» line and pour with one hand without the kettle feeling wobbly or heavy. The handle is thick so you can get a good grip. I love that I can start it and walk away knowing that it will shut off a few seconds after coming to a full boil.We use it to start pasta water, for mixing instant mixes like jello or gravy, and it doesn’t take up much room on the counter.I had a Mrs. Tea tea maker that I thought I would never get tired of, but this kettle won the battle for my kitchen heart and Mrs. Tea went into a garage sale.I will mention that my first kettle leaked on the first day, but I made an easy return and I haven’t had any problems with my replacement. I’m checking my order date, and it’s actually been a year and a half- and I use this a lot! So I can assure you that it will hold up to wear and tear.I opted for a glass kettle because we have hard water and I wanted to be able to see if calcium build up was starting to form inside. I’ve bopped this around many times and no dents, scratches, or breakage has occurred.Did I mention the blue lights? It’s like an awesome flying saucer when it is on!

  4. Mike Woissol

    After researching many kettles I finally settled on this model. I wanted something that would look good on the counter, work well and last.I received this yesterday and my girlfriend and I are already in love with it. When I first unpacked it I was a little concerned about the weight of the base — it seemed a little too light and I figured I would be holding it down when lifting the kettle. I plugged it in and set the kettle on top of the base — to my surprise it lifts off with ease and the kettle settles into place on top of the base without any issues.The kettle itself is very well built. It has some weight to it and feels very heavy duty. The lid opens easily with a push of the button on the handle. The only part that seems flimsy is the ON/OFF Toggle paddle underneath the handle. The blue LED lights are the perfect brightness and adds a nice glow to the kitchen in the wee hours of the morning. I haven’t personally timed the kettle to boil different levels of water but I would say the other reviews are spot on. When the water reaches boiling temperature it is a full rolling boil. Within about 30 secs of reaching temperature it automatically shuts itself off with a nice audible click.I’m very very happy with this purchase. It is quite a bit more expensive than your run of the mill kettles but this one definitely seems built to last!

  5. M.a.S.e

    This is a stunning kettle. I’m in love with it. I use it at least twice a day and have had it for about 2 months.ProsIt is so beautiful. Very stylish and matches the kitchen really well. And when it is on there is a blue light illuminated throughout. It is just plain cool.It is fast. I’ve had my share of kettles and this one really is fast.Easy to use. Easy to fill, easy to clean, easy to turn on.The glass is really nice. It is so much easier to clean than other kettles, and doesn’t absorb fingerprints.ConsIf you use tap water, like I do, then after a few uses there will be a ring on the bottom that looks like rust. It isn’t. It’s just hardness from the water. The way to avoid that from making you hate the kettle is to clean it.. I would say I have to clean mine once every 2 or 3 weeks but don’t forget I use mine all the time. I just pop the top open and use a brush or a sponge to scrub and it may take a little elbow grease.When the kettle sits there with water, and the water evaporates, it condenses on the top and really doesn’t bother anything except visually you will see a ring of condensation.If it were to break, I would probably buy the exact same kettle again

  6. Carlgo

    There are lots of kettles offered on Amazon, some much cheaper, so why did I buy this one? Because the Oster I have now has been in constant use for over 40 years!!! It just started to leak and it was not always turning off for the last couple of months so it was best to replace it. My Oster blender also is working perfectly and has for over 40 years!!! I like Oster and will buy their products when I can.Oh, also I had to see the blue lights. Blue boiling water, who would have thought! It is mesmerizing. Not for use by some residents of Colorado or Washington State as the water will never be poured…Looks great, is entertaining, boils water quickly enough, pours nicely too, no dripping. Stylish appearance. There might be lighter units for those who are gravity-challenged.Here is the caveat though: It is labelled an Oster and promised the legendary Oster performance, but Sunbeam and Jarden Consumer Solutions own and operate the Oster brand, and this product is now made in China, the original being made in the US…what can go wrong here? Sure hope they still specify quality materials, components and manufacture.No chemical smell I could detect, likely because there aren’t any.

  7. M

    I had the European version (Brand: Arendo) of this kettle when I lived overseas and I absolutely loved it. It’s quick, super easy to clean and very pretty. I was so bummed when I moved back to the States, thinking that I’d be stuck with a sad looking plastic kettle but was thrilled when I happened upon the Oster. I have noticed that due to what I’m assuming is a voltage change it takes a bit longer to boil a full 1.7L but it’s quick enough. Also the Oster version unfortunately didn’t come with an extra kalk filter which would have been handy as the water where I live is pretty hard. The kettle is very easy to clean though, just swish around some apple cider vinegar and it’ll get rid of any mineral deposits left on the glass. Also, no plastic comes into contact with the boiling water except for the spout as you pour. It does make some loud clicking noises when not in use, as did the Arendo, but I’m assuming that’s just the thermometer. Do be very careful that you don’t overfill because it will boil over! Overall I definitely recommend this. It’s the perfect size and it does what it’s supposed to do very well.

  8. franke8803

    This is my second kettle I have brought . The first one I brought which is the the same one …It lasted five years using it once or twice a a day …so If I can get five years out of this kettle for sure I going to buy another one just like it Oster / AKA Mr Coffee …Thats my story and im stickin with it ….

  9. flibberdygibbit

    I do love this kettle. I’ve had one of these at home for something like 4 years and I love it. I love the cute little blue light when it’s working, I love the capacity, and I love how it looks sitting on my counter.We needed a kettle at my office, so I went right back to this one, and I’ll probably keep getting this one when I need a kettle until they stop making them.I’ve had other kettles before, and I really dislike the ones that are totally plastic, and I especially dislike the ones you can’t see through. Who knows what’s going on in there?My only criticism is the cord could stand to be longer. My kettle at home is nestled closer to the microwave than is probably appropriate for their relationship.

  10. Beaufort12

    I searched high and low for over a year for a glass kettle to replace the one I had after the plastic cover and parts of the handle literally began to disintegrate. I read so many reviews about terrible chemical odors and flavors in the water, etc. I finally decided to give this a try. So glad I did. Zero plastic odor/taste. Nice to look at, love the light. It does boil a bit longer and more vigorously than my old one did before shutting off, which was a bit alarming at first, but the auto shut-off works fine. The only things I don’t like is it is a little too big and heavy for us (we rarely need more than 2 cups at a time) and I don’t like that the lid does not come off. I have a counter top water purifier with a spigot and it is a bit awkward to position the spigot over the only partially opened lid. Other than that it’s great and a very reasonable price too. I really think it’s the best one out there — I doubt the other brands double the price are any better.

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