LEO Design Turkish Coffee Pot 5 Sizes, Coffee Maker Greek Arabic Coffee Stovetop Thick 3mm Solid Hammered Handmade Engraved Copper Cezve Ibrik Briki with Wooden Handle for 2-8 People (2 Cup / 180ml)

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About this item ✔️ Hand Made, Hand Crafted, Handicraft: ☕ Completely Hand Made and hammered in Turkey. Authentic Copper stovetop pot, tin lined. ✔️ High-Quality Copper: ? Each copper piece is selected carefully and handcrafted by Turkish artisan’s delicacy. ✔️Size Variety: Available in 2 Cup= 180ml, 4Cup= 290ml, 5 Cup= 380ml, 6 Cup= 500ml servings. ✔️Turkish Arabic Greek Coffee: ? Filterless brewing of finely ground coffee with an intense flavor sometimes with sugar and spice. ✔️Copper benefits advantages: ? ANTIBACTERIAL, Anti- Inflammatory properties, Boosts IMMUNE HEALTH, cook with LESS ENERGY, water pipes and door handles in hospitals are often made of copper


Product Description

Turkish Coffee:

Turkish CoffeeTurkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee Pot

Turkish Coffee pot Ibrik or Cezve is the name of the copper pot with a long Brass or wooden handle for brewing Turkish coffee. Ibrik coffee is the symbol of several Eastern countries and is even on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Turkish coffee is a method of preparation that results in a highly caffeinated, unfiltered coffee beverage. It’s often sweetened with sugar, and cardamom may be added as well.

Turkish Coffee Potential Benefits:

  • Enhance Athletic Performance, Turkish coffee provides a highly concentrated dose of caffeine that may be particularly beneficial to athletes.
  • Contains Beneficial Compounds, Such as types of polyphenol antioxidants.
  • May Protect Against Mental Decline, Consuming caffeinated coffee may protect your brain against certain neurological diseases.
  • May Have Protective Effects Against Certain Diseases, Drinking coffee may help reduce your risk of certain diseases, including heart disease

Turkish coffeeTurkish coffee

Turkish Coffee Ingredients:

Water: It is best to use cold water to have the best foams.

Superfine grind coffee: Buy it fresh from a local store if possible.

Sugar: This is optional. It depends on your taste. You can either leave it completely out or add half to 2 cubes of sugar.

How To Make Turkish Coffee:

✔️First, measure water with a small coffee cup. Use one small cup of water for one person, two cups for two people, and so on. Pour it directly into the small pot cezve.

✔️Second, measure ground coffee: The ratio for the desired consistency is 1:2, which means 1 coffee cup of cold water and 2 teaspoons of ground coffee. Add the ground coffee to the coffee pot.

✔️Then, mix coffee and water: Using a teaspoon, mix your finely ground coffee with cold water in a Turkish Coffee pot, gently until well combined. If you want your coffee sweet, add sugar along with coffee and water. You always need to ask your guests how sweet they like their coffee.

Copper Benefits:

✔️ Copper has been used and cherished for around 9,000 years. Pots that are made of copper are ideal heat conductors; the material is durable, hygienic, and corrosion-resistant. It is the excellent heat conductivity that makes copper a perfect base material for pots and pans.

✔️ Copper cookware has an Antibacterial Effect because germs and bacteria cannot survive on copper.

✔️ Copper pots are often coated with tin, which is used to prevent direct contact between the food and the copper and cool down in a copper pot.

✔️ Whenever you do not use your copper cookware, it is advisable to store it in a dry place.

✔️ You can clean your copper pots by soaking a soft sponge in lemon juice and fine-grained salt and gently

Coffee PotCoffee Pot



‎Leo Design



Product Dimensions

‎7 x 7 x 8.5 cm; 200 Grams


‎500 Millilitres



Special Features

‎Hand Crafted

Item Weight

‎200 g



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4 Nov. 2022

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