Brentwood 4-Cup Coffee Maker (White)

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About this item Steel Made in the USA or Imported Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted 4-cup coffee maker- White Made by Brentwood appliances Excellent quality Providing quality products at reasonable costs Distributing small appliances for over 25 years


From the manufacturer

Brentwood Appliances 4 Cup Coffee Maker





Warm Plate

Brewing Capacity (Cups): 4

This 4 cup coffee maker is perfect for the family or a small office. It features a removable filter basket, water level indicator, on or off switch and a cool touch handle and housing. The coffee maker also has a warming plate to keep the brewed coffee hot.





4 Cubic Feet



Special Feature


Filter Type


Specific instructions for use

Coffee maker

Item Weight

2.5 pounds

Included Components

product, manual


650 watts

Model Name

Coffee Maker

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Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Product Dimensions

9 x 5.14 x 7.07 inches





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#129,848 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #217 in Coffee Machines

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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Warranty Description

1 year

Batteries required



Made in the USA or Imported


Mr. Coffee

11 отзывов на Brentwood 4-Cup Coffee Maker (White)

  1. David

    I purchased the white version of this coffeemaker in March 2019, so I have had it for 16 months. It replaced another 4-cup unit whose on/off switch wore out and rendered it inoperable. So far, so good with this Brentwood coffeemaker.Some things about my coffeemaker. It is white, not lavender like someone else complained about. White. Being white, the plastic is going to stain over time. Someone else complained about hers staining. Have you ever seen what coffee and tea do to your teeth? My other white coffeemaker got pretty stained up over the many years I had it. Black stains too—you just can’t see it.My coffeemaker has leaked once—actually, spilled is the better term. I failed to place the coffee basket properly in the unit, and to top it off, I didn’t securely close the reservoir lid. The basket fits a certain way, and the lid must be closed all the way until a friction-fit snap engages. When I have followed those steps, the unit has NEVER leaked. When all else fails, follow instructions.This is a 4-cup coffeemaker. The industry standard is a 5-OUNCE cup—not eight. Twenty ounces will fill the reservoir to the 4-cup mark—I measured. You can put a MAXIMUM of 24 ounces in the reservoir, and that is pushing it. More than that, and the unit will leak—right out the hole under the reservoir lid hinge. Filling to that level will result in a very full carafe—I know that too, because it’s what I do. I’ve also cleaned up more than one overfill.The cord is thirty inches long. Not as long as some appliances, but I’m good with that.Another complaint was that the coffee wasn’t hot enough. It is unless you put half a pint of French vanilla creamer in that 5-ounce cup. Remember, coffee temps were regulated by Big Brother after after some idiots spilled their drive-thru coffee on themselves and there were some lawsuits.One other complaint about this coffeemaker was the plastic/chemical smell. Mine had it too. Seems most of these coffeemakers do, especially if they are made in China, like this one. I think I ran some vinegar through mine; that seems to help. Good luck on finding a US-made coffeemaker. If I could have, you wouldn’t be reading this.The coffeemaker includes a measuring spoon and a permanent plastic mesh filter. I don’t use either one. I do use a #2 paper CONE filter in mine. I just don’t like those reusable filters—personal choice here.All in all, I like my Brentwood coffeemaker. It makes what I consider pretty good coffee, and it is reasonably fast. It is probably not a good fit for two people, unless you are each happy with one smaller than giant-sized cup of coffee. My only complaint about this unit is that it could be a little easier to take apart for cleaning. I can live with that.

  2. lost

    Works and easy to use.

  3. F. Marie TookerF. Marie Tooker

    Easy to use and good flavor

  4. Marlene

    Así de chiquitica la quería porque es para mi solamente.

  5. Rick

    Bought this for our vacation condo. Great for when we go up there every couple of weeks. It’s just a cheap small basic drip coffee maker but it works fine and has a reusable filter with is the best feature about it. Brews quickly and the water is plenty hot. Perfect for the person who drinks one or two cups of coffee in the morning. A cup is considered 6 ounces by the manufacturer so it says 4 cup but in reality it is more like two.

  6. Doulospaul

    I was looking for a coffee maker which both fit well on my countertop and was easy to use by my 93 year old father. It exceeded my expectations.

  7. Bill

    Our 4 cup Mr. Coffee maker up and died less than 2 years of use, so instead of paying more money for them I decided to try another brand. I was shocked to see that this Brentwood 4cup white was almost 1/3 the price of our dead Mr. Coffee. That’s no joke, look it up! Long story short, it’s a great coffee maker! It feels much sturdier than our Mr. Coffee and it came with more accessories, all at a fraction of the price! A+ Buy.

  8. Lindsey D Boozer

    1. I like the white color, much easier to see the water as you pour it in and better overall 2. my manual says it will automatically shut off after 2 or 3 hours. I haven’t tested it to see if that is true or not. 3. it takes my wedge shaped paper filters much better than the Mr. Coffee unit. 4. it is much more quiet than the Mr. Coffee, it make lots of perking noise, excessive I thought. This unit is much better. 5. the pot fits deeply in the heater, a very nice feeling and fitting system, so much better than the Mr. Coffee. 6. The red light that it is on is big and bright, the Mr. Coffee has a pale green light to let you know it is on. So this Brentwood is better even on the «on» light. 7. It has sensible directions. 8. It comes with a filter that would eliminate paper filters, but I like paper so I don’t use the mesh filter that came with it. You can’t get better for your money than his coffee maker.

  9. R.G

    This is my second Brentwood pot in about 3 years. The first one was 100% a five star. This second one has a small dripping problem when pouring to cup. Must be a small flaw in spout because when I use the old glass pot it doesn’t leak a drop. I would certainly recommend and use Brentwood again.

  10. Mary F Hewett

    I love my little coffee pot . Thanks so much !

  11. Averyt

    Insightful read! I found your perspective very engaging. For more detailed information, visit: READ MORE. Eager to see what others have to say!

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